High-speed control and communication for efficient production in automotive

At the industry 4.0 stage, which requires the whole system, including robots, to communicate with each other, open network technologies, which provide high productivity in production, are becoming increasingly important. At this point, CC-Link, an industrial network technology that enables the creation of a high-speed control and communication system, enables devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other. CC-Link, which offers ideal solutions for machine and process control in many different sectors such as food, medicine, white goods, building automation, is preferred in the automotive sector as well. CC-Link provides high performance and reliable communication; The AutoAlliance facility, where the Ford Mustang and Mazda 6 are produced, attracts attention with the successes achieved by Kia Motors Company's Kwangju factory, Beijing Hyundai Motor Company production plant and Honda Motor's Yorii factory.

With the Industry 4.0 phase, the amount of big data in production processes is rapidly increasing due to the communication of all machines and systems in smart factories. Increasing communication data must be managed reliably. Large volumes of data are monitored in real time by many devices, allowing processes to be displayed transparently. At this point, a control and communication link called CC-Link (Control & Communication Link) comes into play. CC-Link IE, which processes both control and informational data at high speed to provide effective factory and process automation, currently stands out as the only open industrial ethernet network with the de facto highest bandwidth and operating at gigabit speeds. CC-Link IE, which is up to 100 times faster than industrial communication systems that can generally communicate with 10 megabits per second, offers the opportunity to communicate with one gigabit per second.

CC-Link compatible products manufacturers and CC-Link users gathered under the same roof, working CLPA worldwide to expand this network (CC-Link Partner Association) Turkey Director Tolga bizelesin, the needs of the industry 4.0 time this technology has a great potential to support it he said. Tolga Bizel stated that CC-Link enables high-speed communication by connecting to a number of automation devices of different manufacturers via a single cable; food, medicine, white goods, building automation, such as machinery and process control in many different sectors offering ideal solutions for this technology in the automotive industry is also preferred. Emphasizing that CC-Link increases its competitiveness in production, Bizel, Ford Mustang and Mazda 6 are produced by the AutoAlliance facility, the Kwangju factory of Kia Motors Company, the production plant of Beijing Hyundai Motor Company and the CC- Link explained the applications.

Big savings at the Ford Mustang and Mazda 6's production facility

In the US state of Michigan, the Ford Mustang and Mazda 6 were produced at the AutoAlliance facility, and the CC-Link network was heavily utilized. Or Thanks to CC-Link, the speed at which the new lines are installed and commissioned enables significant savings compared to other previously used systems. The superior reliability of CC-Link technology increases the efficiency of the production plant. A series of conveyors controlled by CC-Link pass the vehicle bodies through various welding, assembly and painting stations. Each vehicle travels about twenty kilometers during the production process. The CC-Link network, which provides communication and coordination of robots in production, enables the robots to share their positions with each other in order to start and stop the robot movements as well as to prevent collisions. More than 95 percent of the controllers in the body mounting section work in conjunction with the CC-Link network. Iste

Honda increases efficiency and efficiency of production and operations management

Honda Motor in Japan's Saitama, the main factory in Yorii'de tool body assembly line for the CC-Link IE network, indicating that Bizel, said the following; Tanıy Honda opts for the ethernet-based CC-Link IE network, which allows communication within the unified network for control signals from factory automation devices, including production management information and safety signals, thereby increasing the efficiency and efficiency of the Yorii Plant's production and operations management.

At Honda's Yori Plant, a control line for the vehicle body assembly line was installed, while the overall network architecture was first considered on a flat construction that combines the entire factory into a single network. However, considering the possibility that a single error could stop the entire network of the factory, it was decided that it would be more appropriate to use multiple networks, and a robust and simple construction was needed to transfer know-how to other factories. Honda also identified two key functions for the team network in the planning phase of the system architecture, one of which was the central visualization of factory automation control devices, while the other main function was the transmission of security signals. Aiming to establish a system where factory automation controller installation, monitoring, error detection and other activities can be centralized through the network, Honda decides to incorporate security signals into the network in order to make flexible line changes possible, thus avoiding a serious waste of time. Honda, who prefers CC-Link IE technology for the realization of this system required by Yorii Factory, enables the transmission of maintenance and security information from connected factory automation devices as well as control information for a single ethernet cable, PLCs and control devices. . "

CC-Link signature of Kia Motors Company's Kwangju factory

Bizel stated that CC-Link technology is used in Kwangju factory, which is one of the special assembly facilities of Kia Motors Group which produce commercial passenger cars of Kia Motors Group. Or Factory pressing operations, vehicle body assembly, painting and material facilities are available. The CC-Link network is widely used in the body shop, especially in the front floor, right and left side panels, body and ceiling panels and other parts of the assembly lines. Control equipment such as locked signal control panels and shuttle control panels for robots are connected to the higher-level PLC controller via the CC-Link network. CC-Link, which stands out for the wiring of controllers and the maintenance of facilities and lines, is also a big advantage with the ability to manage more control points in a shorter time compared to other networks. Kontrol

High-speed communication at Beijing Hyundai Motor Company

Beijing Hyundai Motor Company, using the CC-Link network to implement a simple and easy-to-use control system to increase stability on the production line, resolve problems quickly, Bizel said; Or A large number of CC-Link compatible products, including PLCs and robots, are used in the body welding and painting lines where the Sonata is produced. CC-Link is able to easily support the huge increase in the number of robots to improve production capability. Plant production data collected to monitor the current operational status of the production line is transferred from the CC-Link network to the higher-level control systems. The CC-Link network enables the development of the world's most advanced pressing, welding and engine production lines. CC-Link's high-speed and large-volume communication capability allows a significant increase in production, while avoiding the costs associated with stopping the production line. CC

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