Havaray 'departs from the Valley

The Cityscape Global 2017, considered one of the most important real estate and architecture meetings in the world, opened its doors in Dubai.

The Cityscape Global 2017, considered one of the most important real estate and architecture meetings in the world, opened its doors in Dubai. This year so far carried out xnumx'inc Cityscape, among them Turkey from Artas Construction, Real Estate, Garanti Koza, Mar Building, where the company participates in the company as Tahincioğlu 15. On the first day of the fair, there were intense foreign investor interest in Turkish companies' stands. information field of international investors about investment in housing in Turkey, located next to residential and business of buying, held meetings in order to establish partnerships with Turkish firms. Besides the crisis in the Gulf countries, along with Qatar, the crisis has also proved to be a negative reflection of Turkey. United Arab investors beginning of many Gulf countries including UAE, spoke of business opportunities in Turkey stands. Cityscape Exhibition in Turkey Representative, İstexpo General Director Ismail Sezen "in Dubai, remote and not affected by political developments said. No pressure or discrimination can be applied to Turkish companies in the Dubai market. Dubai

Havaray 'departs from the Valley

Cityscape Global 2017 fair, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, started yesterday with the intense participation of Turkish and Gulf companies. Participating in the fair with 11 projects this year, Artaş Construction left its mark with the Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project, which has an investment value of 1,2 billion TL. In addition to the Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project, which it launched, Artaş introduced Tema Istanbul, which was developed jointly with Avrupa Konutları Başakşehir, Avrupa Residence & Office Ataköy, Avrupa Office Ataşehir, Avrupa Konutları Kale 2, and Avrupa Konutları Atakent 4. The Vadi Istanbul project, which continues to be sold by Artaş, became the focus of attention of Arab investors at the fair. Other projects in the Valley of the different Istanbul, Turkey will host the first havaray time. Stating that the first Havaray flights will take place on September 14, Artaş Construction Chairman Süleyman Çetinsaya said that this made the project attractive for investors. Stating that they invested 130 million lira in infrastructure works together with other construction companies in the region within the scope of the project, they spent 14 million euros for the havaray. “The Havaray line is about 1 km long. With Havaray, a transfer will be made from Vadi Istanbul to the metro line at Türk Telekom Stadium. It will carry 4 passengers every 250 minutes. As Artaş, we will undertake the operation of the line for a year. We will transfer it to the municipality after a year ”.

Not airborne

Stating that the region will gain a great vitality with Havaray, Çetinsaya said: Hav We are currently working on our Valley Istanbul project. We brought Valley Istanbul's model to Ctiyscape. Shopping, center, housing and office will live in the project 30 thousand people. It was known for its floods with the Cendere Stream in the 1990. Many floods occurred. The workers were transported with boats. Now they will be transported by the opposite. We have made an application for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to be the name of Cendere Street, the Valley Istanbul Street and we are waiting for the decision. İstanbul Within the scope of the project, 330 has a thousand square meters of office space. With this feature, the project is a candidate to replace the future Maslak.

Yamanevler sells 250 housing

The Yamanevler project was put on pre-sale in August and stated that the owner of the 250 dwelling until now, Artaş Construction Chairman of the Board Süleyman Çetinsaya Başkan will be the first link in the Anatolian Side of the European Houses brand Yamanevler project, 11 housing on 1672 block, 2 office block and 38 commercial unit. From 1 + 1 to 4 + 1, different types of apartment options are available. The price of the smallest apartment 480 thousand TL, the largest apartment in the project price of the 1 million 800 thousand TL. He has foreign interest in this project. Here we expect the foreign investor to be around 5. Many investors have been closely interested in Yamanevler until now yatırımcı.

We do not sell blocks to foreigners

Süleyman Çetinsaya, Chairman of the Board of Artaş Construction, said: eyen There are foreign investors who want to buy blocks from Yamanevler but we do not sell blocks. Because the sales in the form of block brings alienation. Then you scare the local investor. But we are negotiating partnerships with foreigners. Partnership offers are usually $ 1 million in size. Ortaklık the most profitable investment in housing in Turkey Çetinsaya stated that "so far make residential investment from Turkey, mainly in Istanbul Does anyone who has been hurt? I propose to our citizens, to make housing investments. Both are a mandatory need, Hem he said. Çetinsaya, stating that the VAT discount ended in September, said they expect to grow until the end of the year. Çetinsaya, in case of demand in Anatolia, said they could do the project.

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