New regulation on high speed train… Half of the ticket price is refunded for delayed flights…

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is going through new regulations with the regulation in draft phase.

A new development is taking place in the travels of passengers who prefer railways. In the drafting phase, the ministry has already begun to receive various views. The regulation sets out the rights and obligations related to possible incidents before and after travel.

The passenger will be able to carry hand luggage and pets in conditions that are easy to carry and in terms of volume. However, luggage and pets that may disturb passengers are not allowed. The baggage can be checked under the supervision of the passenger.


The train operator will be responsible for the death or injury of the passenger while he is getting on the train, at the time of landing or in the event of an accident. Passengers can claim compensation from the operator if they arrive at the destination with a delay of 1 hours or more.

In these cases, if the ticket fee is delayed for 60 to 119 minutes, 25 percent of the ticket price will be paid as compensation for delays exceeding 2 hours. If the passenger is informed of the delay in the flight, no compensation will be claimed.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:12

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  1. "delay information" in train delays is a scam. The reason for the delay is not the passenger. The time of the passenger is wasted and the plan program is turned upside down. Maybe the plane will miss the ship. The reason for the delay may not be known or it is passed with the deception of "technical reason". 100 TL to the passenger after an hour, 2 TL to be paid to the passenger after 300 hours. Also: the ticket money given by the passenger who canceled the trip should be returned with interest. The last issue is important. For this reason, citizens' money is burning.