Ekol opened its first railway line not linked to Turkey

Ekol Logistics, the first block train line was opened between Hungary and Turkey are not linked to Germany. The company also conducts test runs on a new line. Ekol, with office in 15 country, is aiming for leadership in Europe.

Ekol, one of the fastest growing Turkish logistics companies in Europe, signed a significant investment. Ekol Logistics, the largest company in Europe with its own trains carrying 2, has launched a new block train line between Budapest and the city of Cologne in Germany. Ekol Chairman Ahmet Mosul, the new line opened between Hungary and Germany, Ekol said that the first block train line not linked to Turkey. . We will continue to open such new lines in line with our growth strategy in Europe, ece said Intermodal Transport Director Esber Khorasan. The company plans to open a new test line.
Both economic and environmentalist

La We are delighted to be able to connect Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) to Germany, Benelux, France and the United Kingdom with this new train, luy said Ekol Hungary Country Manager Ákos Kovács. The train leaves Budapest three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 22: 00. Block trains will arrive in Cologne on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 05: 00. The return will be on every Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 20: 00. There is a distance of one thousand 150 km between these two cities. Ekol will complete this distance in 31 hours. Bu Ekol's strategy is to build more and more connections in Europe. The new line is a small step for Ekol to achieve this goal. Thanks to this new train, we give our customers an advantage. With this destination, we offer a more environmentally friendly solution, similar to road transport, but at the same time more affordable. Furthermore, we manage our own train and offer our customers a more reliable solution. Üst
15 has office in the country

Established in 1990, Ekol operates in transportation, contract logistics, foreign trade, customs and supply chain management. Turkey, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Iran and the companies operating in 15 countries, including Slovenia, 750 thousand square meter distribution center on, as well as intermodal transport in The 6 Ro-Ro ship is giving the opportunity.

The company is also working to add new and modern vessels to the Ro-Ro fleet. Ekol is also one of Europe's leading logistics providers with its weekly 48 block trains and 5 bin 500. In the foreground with its environmental investments, Ekol has a multinational team on 6 bin 500. 2016 turnover of the company has reached 670 million euros with the company Alternative Ro-Ro.
Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal is counting days for opening

Ekol Logistics has completed the construction of the Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal, where 50 has invested a million euros. Ekol Intermodal Transport Director Eşber Khorasan said that after the completion of the bureaucratic process, the terminal will be opened in the coming months.

The Ro-Ro ships used by Ekol in Intermodal transport depart from the ports of Haydarpaşa, Alsancak, Lavrio, Trieste and Sete. All the shipments from Haydarpaşa Port will be made in Yalova with the opening of the Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal. With the commissioning of Yalova, the traffic of the city will be taken from the traffic of 100 thousand vehicles per month. While Ekol provides time and cost savings for producers and carriers, 1 million kg CO3.7, 2 million km road, 4 million Lt. diesel, 1.5 thousand kg of hazardous waste reduction will be achieved. As the distance to production centers such as Gebze, Bursa, Izmit and Eskisehir, the port will be provided with an important employment for the people of the region.

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