World Famous Logistics Company Greenbrier, URAYSİM Project Introduced

He visited Anadolu University with a team including Jim Bussan, President of Greenbrier International, one of the biggest wagon manufacturer logistics companies in the world and Europe. Rector Dr. Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, Vice Rector Dr. Prof. Dr. Ali Savaş Koparal and Director of Vocational School of Transport Dr. In addition to Ömer Mete Koçkar, the URAYSİM project was attended by researchers from URAYSİM.

Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Naci Gundogan, said the following statement about the visit: Anadolu Eskisehir, Anadolu University, TÜLOMSAŞ and rail system cluster is a very important center. We told the managers from Greenbrier that our university has an airport open to international flights and it is very advantageous in terms of human resources in terms of rail systems. Currently, we have faculty members sent abroad for a PhD. In addition, we have a cooperation with South Korea Rail Systems Research Institute in order to train intermediate human resources. In this way, we will eliminate the need for intermediate staff. Today a promotion was made for Greenbrier. In the coming days, we will try to do our best to make this firm invest in Eskişehir and our country. Ön

”In URAYSİM Research Center, test equipments and looms of vehicles will be manufactured İM

Project Manager of URAYSİM and Director of Anadolu University Vocational School of Transport Dr. Ömer Mete Koçkar, in his speech at the planned research center, said that in the test and research center to be established on an 700 thousand square meter area near Alpu, 50 kilometers for high-speed train sets, 15 kilometers for conventional trains, and 10 kilometers for urban trains will be built and test lines will be constructed. performance, strength, braking, electrification, air conditioning etc. For this purpose, the relevant test equipment and looms will be manufactured. leri

Greenbrier International President Jim Cowan stated his thoughts as follows: “All countries that are aware of the economic and environmental power of the railways grow important in freight train transportation and make significant strides. Thanks to URAYS see the project with Turkey's technological progress and rail systems within the scope implementation plan was exciting. Thanks to this project, it will be an important testing and technology center. ”

Greenbrier CEO Bill Furman at the end of the meeting, Anadolu University and URAYS I said that they were very affected by the project, the United States and based on the past in Turkey, the future that there are facing very strong ties and added that they want to be here when most soon. Furmann said that Greenbrier would be happy to assist with testing and research center both for cooperation and technical support.

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