Domestic Production Movement in Rail Systems

Anadolu Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) organized the second of the Domestic Production Cooperation Days. The main producers in the event; Durmazlar, Bozankaya, Hyundai Eurotem, Siemens, ARUS members met at the same table.

In the program; ARUS members operating in rail system component manufacturers, engineering and design, bogie, air conditioning, traction motor and control systems, trunk, lighting systems, passenger information systems, software, quality, testing, certification and other fields, realized company presentations and bilateral business negotiations .

Ken We want to use the potential of our country while producing our needs “
Speaking at the opening of the Domestic Manufacturing Cooperation Days, which has a wide participation, Orhan Aydın, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, said that the industrial potential of our country is known and higher than what is seen. . We want to use the potential of our own country to produce our own needs and to realize this. This is the critical point of our country's future, freedom and independence. Ül

'We have money, we get where we want!' Stating that the country cannot be developed and unemployed people cannot find a job, Orhan Aydın emphasized: siz We are grateful to everyone who works, produces and designs. We congratulate them, thank you. In particular, we think that our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is sufficiently careful in this regard. 51 percent of the industrialists with our concept of a paradigm shift that occurred with the arrival in Turkey we see, we live. "

After the 51 is written, everything changes in an instant, foreign firms and bureaucracy changes the view of the transfer of Aydin, değ Everyone 52 53, 60, 70, 80, XNUMX is pronounced. This is not enough for us. We, by removing our own domestic and national firms, focusing on the business, if necessary, the foreign company; its the models that we would like more than we are right now. all the major stakeholders of the sector here in Turkey. Universities, NGOs, firms, public institutions are all within this group. Turkey's future plans relating to this sector together, we will. There is a serious potential in this area. This is a larger area than the defense industry..

Aydin, the municipalities want to bring this philosophy, he added.

”There is a big task for our industrialists“
TCDD and ARUS Chairman of the Board İsa Apaydın, 23 2017 of September, 161 of TCDD. enterprise anniversary. Iştir As of 2003, a new railway mobilization was initiated under the leadership of our President and Prime Minister and with the support of our governments. Within the scope of this mobilization, more than 60 billion liras has been invested in the railways so far. Kadar With these investments; He pointed out that they introduced our country to high speed train technology and comfort as in developed countries.

Apaydın explained that the railway industry is developing in our country with the development of the national and national production and that these are going on. Devam With the support of TCDD, we produce high speed train shears, sleepers and rails in our country. We were able to produce diesel train sets, freight wagons, diesel engines and E-1000 national electric locomotives, scissor transport wagons and railway signaling system locally and nationally. But this is not enough. 2023 year 500 billion dollar export target to reach, keeping the foreign exchange in our country to support the development of railroad lines to support the development and production of railroad cars to produce not only TCDD, but also industrialists, I want to draw your attention.

”If you give your self-confidence we will do it all“
Mr. Nurettin Özdebir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASO, stated that the TCDD had been standing out after the 2003 year., This giant stood up. We need to produce high-speed trains with our factories, domestic diesel project, electric train project and I hope. We have the ability to do this. If you give this confidence to us, we will make all of these things extraordinary. Bu

Turkish Airlines, new airplanes have been taken, 1 billion-dollar offset was put, thanking the Ministry for this, Ozdebir, shared: lık There are countries in the world that 100'e bring it up. We wish we could have succeeded him. I am confident that we will add at least a further 1 billion over the 10 billion offset as the Ankara industry. It's the same in a rail car. TCDD Turkey's history actually made a terrific silent revolution in the supply. 51 for the first time in the technological product purchase has put the condition. This is the first in Turkey. I would like to thank our Prime Minister, our secretary, the contributors for their contributions. This was a turning point in the history of Turkey. After that, all 51 conditions were set in all of these purchases. Sonra

Noting that at the same time, competition should be formed in the country while forming the policies, ASO President said that there should be at least two companies competing with each other as main supplier or contractor. Özdebir said, verimlilik Where there is competition, there is always R & D, innovation, efficiency and racing. We should at least get 2 firm. Especially in the scope of the Industry Cooperation Program, I have more than one company in this competition, there is great benefit in the competition. I

”Domestic and national production is a national duty“
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Undersecretary Orhan Birdal, 2003'dan national and domestic themed mobilization of railroads have been removed and 80-90 more than a year in this period, the railway investment was made and continued to be done without losing speed.

As the Ministry of budgeting allocated to them within the framework of the budget to make the most of the effort they are in an effort to record Birdal continued. Ik From the 2003 to the present, we have invested a total of 347 billion liras as a Ministry. From this, the railway sector received a share of more than 60 billion pounds. When the projects are completed, 2023 km high speed, 3.500 km as well as our high-speed train line, all of our conventional lines will be electric and signaled. Proj

Orhan Birdal underlines the necessity of turning to local and national production in the railway sector and creating our own national opportunities as well as projects for economic independence. Milli We have seen considerable distances taken on this subject so far. Even the simplest materials have been imported until yesterday, we have become able to produce the vehicles attracted and withdrawn today in the subsidiaries of TCDD. I hope to crown the process of localization and nationalization by producing our own high-speed train and reducing it to the tracks as soon as possible. Me

Finally, Undersecretary Birdal emphasized the following: husus It is not a right approach to expect that the national and national production of the railway sector, as in the other sectors, should be made only by the public. As a result of political stability and consequently economic stability, it is a national duty for our private sector to grow into domestic and national production. The fact that ARUS members produce 48 as a national brand with 60 up to 224 up to now is a national brand.

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