Deray Drill in Akçaray

Technical studies and trainings are continuing in Akçaray tram line, which is offered to citizens in August. In the previous day, the derailment drill which was held by Akçaray tram line technical personnel was held. The drill without any knowledge of any crew, including technical personnel and control center, was carried out with a completely realistic scenario. As a result of the scenario, the derailed tramcar was successfully tracked by the technical team at the scene.


As a result of the scenario, the tram car was derailed and the emergency call announcement was passed from the radios to the control center. After the announcement was made to the control center, the drill-man started the stopwatch and waited for the crew to arrive at the scene. After the incident was reported to the control center, the technical team 11 started to work at the scene in minutes.


In the case of derailment of the tramway vehicle, 15 personnel took part in the exercise performed to test the intervention process of the technical teams. Previously and twice daily exercises were carried out. After the start-up of the business and the start of passenger transportation, the third team went to the scene with the first aid vehicle from the service building in the bus station. The tramway vehicle was interfered with the first aid vehicle and two vehicles.


In the exercise performed in Akçaray's station in Sekapark, no one in the control center and technical team was informed in advance. At the stop at Sekapark, the vehicle was derailed. Then from the moment the event reached the control center, the technical team moved to the scene to intervene. Necessary security measures were taken by teams coming to the scene. The teams again, two deray vehicles and other equipment with the derailment of the trolley was put back on the track. Thanks to the timely intervention, the problems were fixed without interruption and the passengers were victimized.

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