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Exchange of Railway Vocational School Alumni Association (DEMOK) Malatya Branch chose the 3-year management.

The Exchange Vocational School Graduates Association (DEMOK) Malatya Branch 10th Ordinary General Assembly was held in the garden of TCDD 5th Regional Directorate Family Club. Mustafa Erkenekli was elected President.

After the respect and the reading of the Independence March, the Council Board was elected. Alpaslan Taylan, the President of the Association of Alumni of Railway Vocational School, who came to the general assembly from Ankara, started his speech by thanking the attendants of the general assembly; Iler After 2012, which was opened in Ankara in 1942 for a while since 1974, we had meetings with the ministries and politicians in 1998 to reopen our school, which was completely closed in XNUMX. This year the Ministry of National Education decided to open 'Thematic' high schools. Thematic high schools are not like industrial vocational high schools and they will give education in only one branch. In this context, we increased the negotiations with the politicians in order to reopen our school and decided to open TCDD Vocational High School in Erzurum. I hope that next year, TCDD Vocational High School will start education again. Um

After Alpaslan Taylan's speech, the past period's activity and financial reports were read by Ramazan Erbey, the president of the previous branch, and presented by the votes of the members. In the election made with a single list, open voting was done and the results of the voting were led by Mustafa Erkenekli under the chairmanship of Mustafa Erkenekli. elected to management.

After the election, Mustafa Erkenekli, the new branch chairman who addressed the members, started his speech by thanking the trust given to them and the administrations who served in the past. Our goal is to touch people's hearts. We are waiting for support from all our members in this regard. Bu

TCDD 5. The General Manager of the branch, which served in the Regional Directorate, attended by the officers, labor unions and representatives of other professional associations within the organization, ended after the meal.

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