China Operates for Flying Train to Do 4 Thousand Km per Hour

Taking important steps in advanced technology, China took action for the train that will reach 4 thousand kilometers per hour. The Chinese Space Science and Industry Corporation has announced that the research phase for the "Flying train" project has been started. It is stated that flying trains will reduce the transportation time in cities and do not consume chemical energy.

China Space Sciences and Industry company, recently 4 thousand kilometers per hour at a speed of the project can go at a high-speed train announced that work is being done.

Liu Shiquan, Deputy General Manager of China Space Sciences and Industry Company, who gave information about the details of the new flying train project, which will be started to be built, attended the 3rd China Commercial Spacecraft Forum held in Wuhan, Hubei province, and the flying train project thanks to a technology called Maglev, He explained that it could exceed the speed of sound, and the speed of the "flying train" would be 10 times higher than the traditional high-speed trains.

An explanation of the flying trains came from Mao Ka (Mao KA), the project's technology officer. Mao said that they plan to build a trunk line that reaches a top speed of one thousand kilometers per hour, and the highest 2 thousand kilometers per hour in the second step. Stating that they aim to meet the transportation need between cities, Mao stated that they will try to create a speed capacity of 4 thousand kilometers per hour.



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