CHP's Gürer: "2055 houses are waiting empty in TCDD"

Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, who answered the question of Omer Fethi Gürer, a member of the CHP Niğde and KİT commissioner, announced that the 6 bin 658 of the 2 bin 55 is empty. Minister Arslan, social and economic difficulties to rent to those who want to rent said.

CHP deputy Gürer, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Ahmet Arslan, the request of the Parliament to submit a written proposal to the Presidency tarafından How many residences in TCDD? Are there vacant houses? If so, why is it empty? Can 3 be rented to third parties? What is the number of housing and station buildings destroyed in the last decade? How many stations and stopping points of TCDD have been canceled in the last decade throughout the country? Ülke.


Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer'in the proposal, the response, "General Directorate of TCDD General Directorate of 6.658 units are available, and their 2.055 piece is empty," he said.


Minister Arslan pointed out that some of the empty residences are located at intermediate stations, away from settlements, having social and economic difficulties, and where transportation and accommodation opportunities are limited. Imkân Some of them are houses which are not suitable for minimum living conditions and are not demanded by the personnel. If requested by 3 third parties, the rental of these houses can be carried out. X


Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said, esi In the last ten years, 38 housing units belonging to General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) have been demolished by technical reasons. Ulaştırma

Minister Ahmet Arslan, X As of 2006, the number of stations, stations, stops and sayding of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (XCDX) was increased from 813 to 819. During this time, Polatlı, Bozüyük and Bilecik, including the 3 pieces of YHT gum with the new 12 pieces has been put into service. Bu he said.


Minister Arslan Beyhan-Genç stated that the 6 station was closed due to the incidents in Syria in the region, including Şehit Arif, Mustafa Yavuz, Türkyurdu, Bekçar and Serçehan Stations within the last ten years. Gökdere, Ekerek and Ziveyir reported that the stops were canceled.

CHP Niğde Deputy and KIT Commissioner Ömer Fethi Gürer stated that the presence of the empty and empty lodging in TCDD is remarkable. The lack of functioning of many intermediate stops is an indication that the Railways are not properly owned outside of a few visible jobs. Çok Ömer Fethi Gürer There are serious findings in the audit reports of the Court of Auditors in the KIT Commission. My father worked in different missions in the railways, in that period, the lodgings for the lodging was entered, waiting for the lodging of the railway is not demanding housing today should be evaluated about the housing regulations and the cause should be investigated. There has been a narrowing of function and personnel in many stations on railways. Currently, railways operate on a single line in% 90. In some regions the function of the railways is narrowed and in some places it is working with a limited officer. As included in the reports of the Court of Accounts, there are delays and uncompleted work. All of these must be evaluated before they are not used in their lodgings. Bütün

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