TCDD Museum to be Established in Çankırı

Çankırı Mayor İrfan Dinç met with about one hundred retired personnel who worked in various levels of TCDD in Çankırı. At the meeting; TCDD Museum will be held with the contributions of railway employees, who have an important place in the recent history of the city.

The traction workshop, which had previously burned to extinction, will be used as an open and closed museum by being structured in accordance with the original within the TCDD Transformation Project, which is underway with the initiative of Mayor İrfan Dinç and the preparation of the implementation project. The railroad museum to be established in Çankırı will feature old railroad objects and memories of railroad personnel.

During the meeting, the memories of the retired personnel aged between 60 and 90, describing the past and present of the railway were also recorded. Interesting events, each of which was experienced in their field of work, were carefully listened. Memorization of the memories will be continued in the coming process.

Din Many people of Çankırı have the bread of the railroad kurs, and started his speech by saying: am My late father was a railway worker. I carried my father a lot of food with a bowl. We grew up with bread coming from the land train and railway. Now, as the Mayor of this city, I want to show my loyalty to this issue. The railway is the memory of this city. Railway is an important part of Çankırı's story of existence. To live this story would fall to the child of a railway employee. I will make this story worthy of you thanks to you. ”



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