Security Issue in Bursaray

Rail transportation is the favorite of Bursa from Aykut Gül's pen.

There is no doubt that the transportation system in Bursa is the rail system. In particular, the subway journeys reduce the city's public transport traffic from half to half. Moreover, it is possible to arrive at the desired point by metro. It is a transportation system where traffic problems are never felt. As such, the most commonly used public transport is metro. The stations that are designed per step and the low waiting time are the main reasons for their intensive use. The wagons are always full. We have often traveled standing. Everything is fine but security is zero. You understand a little more about why I said that. The security of the security guards waiting at the entrance to the subway is quite appropriate. Here are some of the outstanding security problems on the subway İşte

ONE: Employees who provide our so-called safety are either sitting in the next room where they are in the box office or having a conversation with someone. Our promise is not for everyone, but of course, as the number of friends who talk more unfortunately.

TWO: Securityists aren't even in time. Some passengers know the opportunity to enter the card even without reading the opportunity. I've been in this situation many times.

THREE: Security is provided with small search detectors. This process exists in certain stations. Not done on most stations. That is, a terrorist can move freely from remote stations, not from known stations. This shows that the study is just a show.

FOUR: Some officials are very wise. They're yelling at old people, scolding kids, and a lot of stuff. I witnessed most of them with my eye.

FIVE: They do not neglect to spend some of their acquaintances with free cards. In some people, it is taken from the side by side. It's not nice.

These issues are very important. In a terrorist attack that will take place tomorrow God bless the authorities can not give account. Versions will have no meaning after the job is over.

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