A meeting was held on Bursa's transportation problems and solution

📩 19/12/2018 16:12

Bursa Governor Izzettin Small Presidency, Provincial Police Chief Osman Ak, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ismail Yilmaz and with the participation of municipal officials in the meeting on traffic problems and solutions in Bursa;

General issues related to Acemler Junction, Carrefour Junction, Ankara Road, Young Osman Junction, City Center, Rose Junction-Small Industry, Korupark and Crossing Junctions are discussed.

Increasing the number of traffic personnel in the short term and the bus stop next to the Acemler Junction center, the junction of the junction structures that download the road from the Rose Junction to the center to the 2 lane to remove the connection to the main artery and to ensure traffic flow without the stripe narrowing, the necessary physical measures should be provided by local authorities and the supervisory activities shall be provided by the Provincial Security Directorate with additional personnel,

In the medium and long term, the street exits, which are close to the intersections with high density, mainly on the main artery, have been rearranged. taking necessary physical measures to ensure its use,

A joint team with OIZ management regarding the prohibited hours of heavy vehicles vehicles which negatively affect the road of Ankara, and accelerating the connection road from the OIZ to the motorway,

It was agreed to implement all transport projects including the acceleration of the European Council link viaduct project.

In addition to this, it has been decided to evaluate the studies on the traffic problems by bimonthly under the chairmanship of the Governor, together with the Provincial Police Department and the officials of the Metropolitan Municipality and the traffic problems identified in the 15 day.

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