New line arrives in Arifiye

Speaking after the meeting held in Arifiye, Deputy Secretary General Oktar said, andaş We have decided to launch a new line from the Train Station, namely Arifiye District Center in order to meet the demands of our citizens. We will provide our students access to campus with one vehicle. 2.75 TL with the tariff of the 2.50 TL'ye attract. Our application will start on Monday. Good luck. Hayır

ADARAY, which was donated by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality to the city, was abolished on August Sunday in accordance with the legislation issued by TCDD. After the abolition of ADARAY, the transportation problem in Arifiye was discussed by the authorities. Arifiye Cultural Center, Arifiye Mayor Ismail Karakullukçu meeting, Deputy Secretary General Ali Oktar, Transportation Department Fatih Pistil, AK Party Arifiye Women's Branch Chairman Serap Yildiz, Arifiye Muhtarlar President Ahmet Kaymakçı and representatives of the Private Bus participated in the meeting.

Problems were discussed
Deputy Secretary General Ali Oktar said, AD Due to the legislation of TCDD, our ADARAY flights 20 ended as of August. We were receiving complaints from our citizens living in Arifiye during the time period. Arifiyeli citizens in this situation in order not to be victimized with the relevant people came together. We made a number of decisions by evaluating the complaints experienced in the district vehicles, the students' campus transportation and tariffs. Hopefully, we will be able to solve the problems with our new decisions. İn

New app starts Monday
. In order to meet the demands of our citizens, we decided to launch a new line from the Train Station, Arifiye District Center. With this line, we will meet the need of high-speed train passengers arriving at the station. We will provide access to campus for our students. We paid the 2.75 TL civil fee to the long-line city 2.50 TL. We will start implementing our decisions on Monday. Good luck for our Arifiyeli compatriots. Ar



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