Approval from the Assembly for Antalya Cruise Port Project

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel's vision projects, Cruise and Yacht Port Complex Project, Metropolitan Council was approved. Specified by the YPK, the project is now ready for tendering, indicating that the project will be done with the build-operate-transfer model will give great acceleration to tourism, he said.

Mayor Menderes Türel stated that Cruise Port Project is an important investment which Antalya has been missing for years and said: öz We are aiming to bring this investment to Antalya by giving a significant acceleration to tourism and raising quality. Cruise ships are traveling third-generation generations of tourists with a high level of income. We want to make a cruise port in Antalya to bring high-income tourists. We have been working on this for a long time. The decision of the High Planning Council (YPK) was signed by our Prime Minister and planning committee member. The project is now ready to tender, Proje he said.

Sayel said that they will do the project on the beach of Lara Birlik belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality and said: ında 300 covers a land that is turning a defect. The beach is about a thousand meters in width. I see a number of criticism that the cruise port and the coasts are closing down, I feel strange. We do not have these ports to do on the beach and not on the mountain. Therefore, if we are to make a port at the 640 kilometer coast of Antalya, this port should be on a coast of Antalya. Of course, this location, airport, tourism centers such as Kundu, Belek and the city center is important. Lara is the most convenient location. I think it's our best chance. When the port is built, this will be a starting and ending point. 10 minutes to the airport. Just as you are going on a cruise in South America, you are going to Miami by plane, and then going on a cruise in the Mediterranean. The proximity to the airport is therefore important. It is definitely a hotel within the ports of Kruz. As soon as the incoming tourist arrives, he doesn't get aboard and stays at the hotel for a day or two.

President Türel continued his speech: “In a cruise port in Canada, the hotel was built on the harbor breakwater. Therefore, the hotel should be located near the cruise port. Also commercial area, yacht club was also planned. 300 will be able to dock the cruise port on the 4 meter. There will also be a marina with a capacity of about 420 yachts. We have project advantages here. For example, you are landing under the sea with elevators from the cruise port anchoring the open pier of the harbor. You come to the sea with a rail system from an aquarium in the sea. 700 -800 you can swim the distance around the fish with spectacular images while you swim around the land. This will be attractive for tourists. This is within the scope of our project. Bu

Türel said that they had many meetings with the most respected and important cruise companies in the world regarding the project and said: leri I made many calls while signing the Sister City Protocol in Miami. We need to attract the interest of those investors here in Antalya, we have to provide a serious investment in investment appetite. This project was developed for him. If there is a domestic or foreign investor, we will get the tender and bring it to Antalya. Yer

1 SANTİM will not be missed
President Türel clarified the reservations that the project will affect the coast of Lara. Cel These huge projects are prepared by experts. These people are not enough to prepare. The General Directorate of the Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport underlines these projects. Lara Beach is a coast where I spend all my summer from my 3 to the age of 18. If it would be less than a inch from the beach, I would not change a thousand Cruise Ports to the 1 inch of the Lara coast. Let me tell you so clearly. Therefore, all these were examined in detail. And we were supervised by our maritime friends in the Ministry of Transport. And there is no risk of hesitation. And I told them when they were studying it; If the 1 centimeter would be out of Lara Beach, I wouldn't do this Cruise Port in any way. After making all the technical details about these issues, they gave their consent. And that's how we go. We are a representative of faith, who is entrusted to business with faith, cil he said.



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