Ankara Candy Machine Factory nominated to make electric car and aircraft engine

The Electromechanical Devices Factory (EMAF) and the Machinery Factory, which were once a part of the Sugar Plant in Etimesgut, Ankara, and one of the largest machinery factories in the Middle East, today, lack the real function, are being laid aside, but continue to do great work.

EMAF and Machinery Factory, which has achieved great successes with its Turkish engineers and hydroelectric power plants since its establishment, is trying to stand with its own resources although it is almost idle due to its privatization policies.

Electric car and aircraft engine candidate

in a statement on the issue Turkey Food and Sugar Industry Workers Union (Sugar-İş) Chairman Jesus Sky, our country, will save you from dependence on foreign and signing a nice project will improve the efficiency and the name of Turkey is ready to announce the world Emaf and Machinery Plant today, billions of dollars He said that electric cars, which were imported, had the brains and capacity to perform the engine and even the aircraft engines with an investment far below the import price. Gok, said:

"At first, Turkey Electricity Authority, Turkey Coal Enterprises, Cement Factories, BOTAS, Dams, Hydropower Plants, Municipalities, MKA, Parliament, ETI Mine, electrical many other public and private organizations, including TCDD, electronic and electromechanical systems maintenance and repair, production and EMAF, which also performs on-site installation works, has paid the price of one third of the equivalent cost to Uzbekistan in 1997. 97 has printed the pages of the Turkish economy with gold letters as the factory which established a sugar factory with the competence of Turkish engineers. işler

No work done by the factory

13 Sugar Factory to be one of Uzbekistan, 9 Cement Factory, Aliaga, İpraş Izmit refinery pressure vessels, drama, column and heat exchanger manufacturing the making machine factory in Uzbekistan's Khorezm region in 3000 tons / day of beet processing capacity of sugar a pioneer by establishing factory outside Turkey's borders Underlining that Gök, X In the machinery factory also 95% 85 of a complete sugar factory, 100 of the cement plant can be manufactured. Apart from these, the factory; 150 with a steam boilers of 200 t / h for thermal power plants has the necessary machines to manufacture hydraulic turbines with 100-32 MW power, equipped with suitable machine tools and equipment capable of carrying out various large-scale, heavy machinery manufacturing in heavy industry. Turkey Electricity Authority 45 percent for the first time to Hirfanlı Hydroelectric Power Plant in cooperation with the manufacture of a hydraulic turbine and generator in 3 MW using local materials in Turkey has accomplished. Finally, Zorlu Energy Group received a letter of appreciation for the operation of the steam turbine with a diameter of 6.5 meters, 25 meters and XNUMX tons in the geothermal power plant of the power plant of XNUMX kW in Manisa Alaşehir. Grubu

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