Alanya Teleferik's turnover is confused

Alanya Teleferik cost 36 million TL, 16 900 thousand TL turnover per day. If this continues, 2 will pay off its cost without going to 18 and XNUMX will turn into an annual turnover producer's pocket. This led to politicians' reaction

1 from DAMLATAŞ Beach. Alanya Teleferik, consisting of an 900-meter line extending to the Alanya Castle, which is an archaeological site, has started to serve in August. 19 9, which has an output of 36 million euros (300 million TL) and Alanya Teleferik, which has reached the Ehmedek region within the Alanya Castle at the altitude of 16 from Damlataş Beach, has 20 18 a day, then 45 thousand 700 people with a fee of 4. 12 531 16 people took the 900 XNUMX daily Kurban Day, XNUMX a thousand TL revenue was about XNUMX per day.

Teleferik Holding will run Alanya Teleferik for 20 years and transfer it to Alanya Municipality. Considering that the cable car earned 16 thousand TL in 900 days, the daily average kazanIt is seen that the price is 56 thousand TL. In other words, if it goes on like this, the cable car will amortize its cost of 642 million TL in 21 days, that is, approximately 36 months, and will make a profit in 18 years and 3 months. Considering this calculation in Euros, the cable car, which makes a daily turnover of 14 thousand Euros, will amortize its cost of 642 million Euros in 9 days.

Saadet Party Alanya Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Sarıca said, ey Alanya came out with a ropeway but couldn't afford it. Criticizing the Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yücel, Sarica said: konu 18 is about 320 million in a year. This income will go to Teleferik Holding. However, this 320 million TL could stay well in Alanya Municipality. We have an example. Antalya Tünektepe Teleferik was built by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and its income flows to the Metropolitan Municipality. Alanya Teleferik could be built by Alanya Municipality or its capital 36 could own this cable car. We will be deprived of 18 years from the golden egg laying. Vel

Republican People's Party (CHP) Alanya District President Ali Takavut said, “From an economic point of view, it pays for itself in 2 years. So for 18 years, the company has made money from here. kazanwill ache. Well, if this cable car pays for itself in 2 years, then why is this agreement made for 20 years and this money is flowing to that company? Since there is such a serious demand, these prices should be kept low. kazanLet it heat up, let it pay for itself in 10 years. We're talking crazy money. Unimaginable things were done with that money. Prices are very high. Is there any other investment that generates 20 thousand TL in 900 days? "I think it's a great opportunity missed," he said.

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) Alanya District President Mustafa Berberoğlu said: ı In the end, it was tendered by open tender procedure with build-operate-transfer model. Both sides worked on this. It could be the intensity of the festive season. We need to look at the winter. What will be the year average, it is also important. Economically, it is not possible to make an evaluation at the moment. We can't say anything before the year is up. Since it is the first in Alanya, a yield can be achieved. But as I said, we need to evaluate on an annual basis. Ama

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