Alanya Cable Car Discussions Do Not End

alanya cable car price schedule unlawful
alanya cable car price schedule unlawful

The ropeway debate doesn't stop. Now, the cost of the construction of Alanya Teleferik, which is smaller than Antalya Teleferik, is about 2 times higher than Antalya.

Discussions about Alanya Teleferik have been going on since the day it was opened. The cable car, which was discussed with a price of 20 TL per person, was discounted by 2 TL. Afterwards, Alanya Teleferik, which was announced to cost 36 million TL, was announced to have a turnover of 16 thousand TL in 900 days, the cost of the cable car will pay off in 2 years and the 18-year turnover will be in the pocket of the producer company, which led to the reaction of the politicians. Politicians "If the cost was paying off in 2 years, why did not Alanya Municipality make this investment that minted money?" They reacted in the form of. Now, the cost of the cable car, announced as 36 million TL, is being discussed.


Sarısu Tünektepe Cable Car, one of the vision projects of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, has the capacity to carry 605 people with 36 cabins per hour from Sarısu to Tünektepe at 1200 altitude. Those who want to reach Tünektepe with the 1706-meter cable car pay 1 TL for 15 person and 2 TL for 20 people. Alanya Teleferik goes to 300 altitude and 900 meters. The cable car, which opened on February 4, 2017, is two times larger than Alanya Teleferik in both height and distance, but the ticket price is lower. Moreover, while the cost of Alanya Teleferik was announced as 36 million TL, the cost of Antalya Teleferik was announced as 14 million 694 thousand 818 TL by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, although it was twice as large. The construction cost of Alanya Teleferik, which is 2 times smaller than Antalya, is approximately 2,5 times more than Antalya, which is also put into service, confused.


New Alanya, Alanya Teleferik Project, who is the name of the former mayor of Alanya Hasan Sipahioğlu, asked the criticism of politicians. Sipahioğlu ı Everyone made his account, his book. Alanya Municipality has no technical staff to do this project on its own. I don't think the numbers are overrated. Before you need to see the annual earnings. It's a long-term job. As for the other ropeways, we don't know who knows what, how much. The companies that knew it would cost so cheap could come and go. Secretive that not a business, not only in Turkey, the whole world was an open tender. Moreover, not once, but twice were tender, Üst he said.


Mez It would be healthier for today's accountants to enter tenders, Sip said Sipahioğlu. In my time I did my best and gave the project, the new management also poured. After all, this is a value added to Alanya. If this price was made, I wish more municipalities would have won. Nevertheless, the company does not earn all the money, Alanya Municipality takes a share. I wish we had gathered our friends today so beautiful, that day, even if they had entered the tender, this job was cheaper to win, "he said.


Sipahioğlu finally said: Today, our president will break down the town hall and challenge it, who knows how to take a new line to the existing ropeway and give an alternative to the current route. The density there decreases, thus creating an opportunity to see Alanya from a different angle. In addition, friends who account for the cable car today can also meet and enter the tender. Ayrıca

'There are requirements'

Saadet Party (SP) Alanya District Deputy Chairman Huseyin Sarica N Army Teleferik, 2 bin 500 meters, 600 altitude goes up. 2 10 million years ago, it is also run the municipality itself. When we compare them to our ropeway, there is an abyss. Alanya Municipality has to inform about this issue. In addition, the number of users for this ropeway is guaranteed, given, not specified. These are the odds that are intricately present, although there is no clear information available. Elde


Sarica continued as follows: “Alanya Teleferik is 2 times smaller than Antalya Teleferik, but the announced construction cost of Alanya is 2,5 times more. How does this happen, we do not understand. Someone explain it. All income from the Antalya Teleferik belongs to the municipality. If Alanya Teleferik was offered to the public, Alanya would protect it. But now they will milk us like cows. There are huge numbers going on here. Couldn't Alanya Municipality think about this? It is not only the president who is responsible, but the entire assembly. In addition, the pricing should be changed in winter, adults should use the cable car for 10 TL and students for 5 TL ”. - NewAlanya