Alanya Cable Car Presses Money

19 Alanya Teleferik was put into service in August, and the 16 45 people got in the day. 700 4 12 people took the 531 16 daily Kurban Day, 900 a thousand TL revenue was about XNUMX per day.

1 from Damlatas Beach. The Alanya Cable Car 900, which consists of an 19-meter line extending to the Alanya Castle, which has an archaeological site, has started service in August. 9 million euros (36 million TL) cable car cost of 1 million people are planned to be transported annually. The construction of the Alanya Teleferik, which was built in Alanya in November last year and left for the Alanya Teleferik which is located in Alanya Castle at an altitude of approximately 300 from Damlataş Beach, was left behind by the 16 45 people. 700 4 12 people took the 531 16 daily Kurban Day, 900 a thousand TL revenue was about XNUMX per day.

The 900 cabin with a total line length of 17 meters is intended to transport 1.130 per hour and 1 million people per year. 20 TL ticket price with the opening price, which is the subject of discussion, New Alanya with the effective publications of 18 TL reduced the ticket price of Alanya Teleferik, the tender specifications "public bus fee when the service becomes 6" 18 TL according to the article was reported. . 20 TL is not a figure that we have determined according to our head, T said Oğul Atasoy, the Marketing Director of Teleferik Holding, who also produces the Teleferik and handed over to the Alanya Municipality. We apply the text in the tender specifications. Normally, the number of 18 TL in the Mayor of Alanya, Mr. Adem Murat Yücel'in demand for the 20 TL '' he said.

2012 in August, the Mayor of Alanya in the period of the council meeting held under the presidency of Hasan Sipahioğlu ticket price according to the decision is determined as 9 TL, but the public bus fee of 1,5 TL because it was decided that the period of 9 TL decision, public bus fee tariff, public bus control of the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality after the transfer of the ticket price to 3 TL was raised because of the 18 TL learned learned. Hasan Sipahioğlu, the Mayor of the period, asked, ”Is the 18 TL cable car expensive? Is it normal? Us. Even with the '10 TL' pattern, it can be expensive for many people. The ropeway is an alternative transportation vehicle. If you wish, you may not ride. Tender conditions and costs have also been instrumental in the emergence of this figure İhale.

Within the scope of the project, the hiking paths and the inner fortress and other regions are located at the summit stop of the ropeway, while in the area to be set up at the end of the walkway, 14 will be able to travel all the areas from the Suleymaniye Mosque to the Inner Castle with the large golf vehicles known as 'Shatter'. . With the decision of the municipality to take the service of the cable car with the big tour buses to enter the castle will be banned. It is planned to prevent damage to the fortress texture of buses and large vehicles with golf vehicle tours. Initially, the 4 vehicle is expected to increase the number of visitors to the future.

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