Akçaray Tram Expeditions 6 Goes Down

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General İlhan Bayram announced that the number of flights will increase with the opening of the schools on the tram line. Day and evening hours of the peak hours of students 6 minutes in the peak of the trip, indicating that the number of trips to the tram with the start of the tram, noted that the significant increase. 14 said that the number of journeys to the number of thousands traveled to 23 thousand in a very short period of time, and that these numbers would increase with the opening of schools.


Transportation Park Inc. General Manager Yasin Ozlu, Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altay, Transportation Department President Aysegul Yalcinkaya with the statement, the opening of the schools with the opening of measures to avoid problems in transportation, he said. Bayram said that the schools will be opened on Monday and said: ere We started the 14 bin journey when the tramway started. However, we have now reached the 23 thousand journey per day. Currently the tram 10 is doing one time per minute. However, with the opening of the schools in the morning and evening students will be reduced to the 6 minutes during the peak hours. In the absence of densities, the 10 will be launched once every minute.


Currently 186 daily 6 expedition when we go out every day 237 expeditions will be made. Since the start of the tram, the 6 bin 631 increase in the city card purchase. This means that the tram forms its own passenger. At the same time half of this half of the vehicle traffic even if you think it is a very large figure will be revealed. This means that the traffic of the city center is reduced by the fact that the 2 thousand vehicles do not enter into traffic. Our General Director of Transportation and his team organize the tram in a very nice way. I thank them. Kend



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