Minister Arslan's Visit to TÜVASAŞ

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan 10 September 2017 On Sunday, TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and his delegation with Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) investigations found.

Wagon production line and information from the authorities bulunarak investigations wagon space and "Anatolia" Arslan in statements to reporters after reviewing the wagon is, renewal of existing lines need to anywhere in Turkey, the government as well as the world's 8th Europe's 6th high-speed train operator Stating that great distances have been covered in terms of becoming a country, “We are currently operating on 1.213 km high speed train line and construction of high speed train and high speed train continues at approximately 4.000 km. In addition to this, high-speed train and high-speed train lines, the project preparation work continues within the scope of the railway mobilization, which is close to 5.000 km. ” He spoke in the form.

Arslan stated that the point that the country has come from is proud but it is a long distance to be taken. according to today's technology and, should the need for outside of Turkey Turkey, involves the production of rail vehicles, Ankara, Sivas and production at our factories in Eskisehir're doing very seriously. " said.

Stating that they are examining the railway vehicles in sets of 4 and 3, which will serve regional transportation, Minister Arslan continued: “The friends finish one set approximately one month after they start work and they complete one set every week. If you think of 1 sets as 35 vehicles so far, they have delivered 4 vehicles to TCDD Tasimacilik. They will complete this production by the end of next year. So far, 140 percent of the indigenous contribution, as long as the next end to take the license will be done entirely in Turkey now. From time to time, we have exported abroad from here, but we will be able to export more. ”

"Turkey can become the National Railway"

Electric and aluminum bodied Arslan Minister stated that the studies carried out for the national railway, "especially electrical and aluminum bodied national train and instructed our President about doing local train, we have started the construction works within the scope of the studies that the Prime Minister launched, carrying them and these studies are also now in Turkey's own national is finished train. This alone does not make any sense, we will do with this work, although we meet the needs of our country will be able to export. That's when it will become much more important and meaningful. İşte

“This is a mobilization.“

Minister Arslan, who stated that TÜVASAŞ, which was established in 1951, was pleasing to produce more modern and more beautiful railway vehicles within the scope of the recent mobilization; "The development of the factory, much more to be modernized and to be able to Turkey's local and national railway was important for us. We would like to thank our engineer and technician to start from our general manager. This is a mobilization. If the president keeps up with the government, ministers and deputies, success will come. As part of this mobilization, we are working all over the country in order to keep up with it, together with the development move initiated by our President. This is one of those studies. We are pleased to see that a significant number of production is carried out. In particular, we have taken an important distance to get rid of foreign dependence, to do it locally and to export, rather than to import. By doing so much, we will give the necessary support to this development move of our country as a ministry in the railway vehicles sector. ” he spoke.

After UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan left TÜVASAŞ, TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın He visited the TÜVASAŞ and Mithatpaşa stations together with the Governor of Sakarya İrfan Balkanlıoğlu.

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