Minister Arslan's "Central Corridor to Turkey with the Central Register" Writing has been published in the journal Raillif

📩 19/12/2018 16:06

We invested over 15 billion liras in the last 60 over the last year, bringing our railways to the right position. This process in Turkey, who are acquainted with yht, renewed existing lines. Nor was it; the domestic railway industry was also being created. Freight wagons were renewed, transportation was taken out of the city, industrial zones were connected to the railway. As a result, the amount of freight transported by railroads has almost doubled. In order to provide all the services required by the logistics sector, we started to establish logistics villages. In this context, the 21 of the 7 logistics center, which is planned to be constructed, was commissioned and the construction of the 7 was started. The tender, project and expropriation works of the 7 logistics center continue.

In order to provide logistic services to our region from all over the Central Anatolia region and Turkey, we decided to establish a logistics center in Kayacık, Konya, and laid the foundation in August. This center will be connected to the Mersin-connected high-speed railway line and the Konya-Antalya railway line. The annual 1.7 will be capable of carrying millions of tons and will make Konya the freight collection center of the region. But we know that Konya is a high-speed train city as well as a commercial, agricultural and industrial city. Konya - Ankara became a center in Konya railway with YHT line. To date, the 12 million YHT passengers used the Konya Gar. For this reason, we have started the construction of YHT Station. Together with our Prime Minister, 19 laid the foundation for this outstanding structure in August.

I believe that any investment we make in the logistics sector, especially in the railway sector, will make our country an effective logistics base at the junction of East-West and North-South goods flow whose potential exceeds 2 trillion dollars. Starting from China, which is called ecek Middle Corridor “, the line that will connect the Central Asia and the Caspian region to our country through Europe will become the future's trade line.

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