Current Status in Trabzon Light Rail System Project

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, Trabzon has recently become an important problem in terms of traffic problems Haber61'e found.

Stating that the EDS is awaiting the approval of the General Directorate of Security, Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu said, onay The place where we say the most stuck place is the Maraş street incident. From the Maras street, we always say that if the dolmus 2-3 has left a parking lot for the car, the 5 doesn't make a vehicle, so it's wrong. It should be subject to criminal sanction by the Directorate of Traffic. If normal citizens are not allowed to use the parking which is forbidden in any way, there will be no problem. Traffic management must also be subject to criminal proceedings. In addition, as the transportation vehicles identified earlier in the Transport Coordination Center 6-8'i, after the 19 of the evening to leave their goods if they will see no traffic problems, but we will correct this work we have prepared the EDS system 1.5 years. Since the regulation has changed, we have prepared one more. 3. We prepared it once more. He is awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Interior Security General Directorate. It is clear that after the approval, implementation will be started in Trabzon. The problem that we call the B problem outside is the congestion on additional streets. They are tightness that can be solved by lightweight measures in this congestion. O

Giving the latest information about the Light Rail System, Gümrükçüoğlu said, gil We have made the tender for the Light Rail System Project. The project will be delivered to us by the end of this year. After the stage stage will be done. Completion of the stage from Akyazi Stadium to the Airport area. This is a project that can only be started by supplying the 400 Million resource. Ağı

Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu, adding Maraş Street to be closed to traffic impossible, rational, is a proposal that is contrary to math, adding, inin In addition, B and C of course, we have plans. Yavuz Selim Bulvarı Tangant road 10 Thousand vehicles during the day, while the coast road from the 11 Thousand vehicles to close Maras Street traffic to close the traffic completely from there, such as the route to the coastal road to the Yavuz Selim Boulevard for the road to land, because it would be impossible, rational, uncritical and suggestions. All traffic engineers know that there is no possibility of doing this. Bunu

Regarding the state of the State Theater, the President Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu at the Atapark Junction, said, Gümrük The tender was made. The expropriation value was fully met. Therefore, the tunnel passage and the clover junction, which will be connected by the Erdoğdu road, will be implemented. However, we have also set up the State Theater as a project. We will be able to put into practice the feasibility of the State Theater, which is located in the same region and extends to the valley, after the approval of the Highways. Aynı

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