Trained City Bus Driver Saved Lives in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality bus driver, the bus while driving to the hospital by raising the traveler to the hospital while saving his life, demonstrated by the example of humanity has collected.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, trained, careful and sensitive drivers continue to collect the appreciation of the public. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality bus driver Erol Torun 35-year old man, while on the course of a sudden change the route, changing the route, saved the life of the hospital by raising.

Sebat Vural, a 16.00-year-old passenger, suddenly got worse when he came to Erdemli Kocahasanlı Mahallesi on the bus number 16.30 between 170-75 last Friday and even between Taşucu-Silifke-Mersin. Thereupon, the driver of the bus, Erol Töre, changed his route to train the worsening passenger to the hospital. Uysal, who passed the flashers and did not wait for the red lights, raised the worsening passengers to the Erdemli State Hospital and handed them over to the health officials. The driver Erol Ttör, who did not leave until the patient was treated, delivered the patient to his family after the treatment and fulfilled his citizenship duty. Bus driver Ttör, whose exemplary behavior was displayed by the security cameras of the bus, apologized to the passengers he could not get from the stops at the time of the incident and the passengers inside the bus. Sebat Vural, who suffered from blood pressure and got worse from the heat, was saved because he was brought to the hospital on time.

“Proud to know that there are such people“
Erol Törün, the bus driver, said that the patient was happy because his life was saved and said, al When one of the passengers said it was a malalignment, I ensured that the 112 was searched while maintaining my calmness. But the ambulance could not reach our location on time. I couldn't risk the life of our passenger. Without thinking, I turned my route to the nearest hospital. I went to the hospital without stopping at a stop and asked for a stretcher. I'm proud of that. Because of Burhanettin President's' Mersin Our Family. We act with the idea that we are for them. It was my human mission. I'm so happy that my uncle is healthy. The passengers congratulated me for bringing the patient to the hospital on time. I apologize to the passengers and the passengers inside the bus. However, there was a person's life. I took the passenger to the hospital without thinking. We are already receiving first aid training in 3 a month as Metropolitan Municipality drivers. In order to be able to do the first intervention in emergency situations, we are undergoing training and we have our first assistant ID card için.

Stating that his life was saved thanks to this sensitive behavior shown by the driver of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Sebat Vural thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for running such conscious and humanitarian drivers. Vural stating that the tension rose from the heat and suddenly flared up, ve I had a lot of work. We were driving. I felt like I was getting on the bus. I didn't take my voice off to disturb anyone, but then I got worse. I said no need to go to the hospital, but our Erol friend refused. "First health," he said. He took me to the hospital. If he didn't bring him to the hospital, maybe I would've died. The instant intervention of our chauffeur friend and raising me to the hospital prevented it. She waited until my treatment. Then he gave me to my children. This behavior is really a proud act. We see that the Metropolitan Municipality and its staff give importance to people. I thank him very much for his behavior. He saved my life. Proud to know that there are such people. I would also like to thank our Mayor Mr. Burhanettin Kocamaz.

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