All EGO Buses Suitable For Disabled Access

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate has made all buses serving in urban transportation suitable for disabled people. All buses have disabled lifts and ramps with special mechanisms.

EGO General Manager Balamir Gundogdu, physically disabled passengers, public transport vehicles can easily travel by bus in the EGO fleet of all the buses on the 1500'un disabled accessible, he said.

In the capital, 75 bin 683 free transportation card indicating that there are disabled passengers General Manager Gündoğdu, EGO buses mounted on the special mechanism of disabled lifts and ramps, disabled citizens without any obstacles in public transport vehicles traveling comfortably and safely said.

Employed by the free disabled card issued by EGO 58 bin 702 passengers can use the public transport alone emphasizing Gündoğdu, who can not travel alone in the physical condition of the 16 bin 981 passengers can use the public transport vehicle, he said.

Every day 33 travels with thousands of disabled people…

Gündoğdu stated that the daily 700 and 750 thousand people were provided with EGO buses in Ankara and that the average 33 thousand disabled citizens used the EGO buses in the city.

EGO's innovative and pioneering projects, while implementing the service fast, quality, safe and comfortable way to maintain the highest level noted that the desire to continue, said:

“Our aim is to provide equal service to all citizens living in the capital. To ensure that citizens who have to live dependent on wheelchairs or crutches due to their physical conditions can travel freely from their homes to their jobs, schools or places they want to go to in the city by themselves without the help of others. Thanks to the buses with special mechanisms, we have eliminated the obstacles in front of our disabled citizens. ”


EGO General Manager Gündoğdu pointed out that increasing the quality of service cannot be possible only by strengthening the technical infrastructure.

Olarak As EGO, in order to provide the best service in urban transportation, the personnel should also be professionals who know the human relations.

We also organize seminars on public relations, stress management, anger control and motivation every year for our 2 bin 781 driver. We see that these seminars given by expert trainers are very beneficial for the staff.

In addition to the trainings on how to treat passengers, we also provide bus drivers with the use of buses with handicapped lifts and ramps and helping passengers get on and off the vehicles smoothly. ”


Making EGO buses suitable for disabled access provides great convenience both financially and morally to families, especially disabled passengers, who benefit from transportation services.

Muzaffer Erdem, a junior high school student at the age of 13 who is forced to live in a wheelchair due to muscle disease, said he could get on the bus and go everywhere like his peers, saying, “I can go on the bus just like everyone else. Since I can't go alone, I always have my mother or father with me. The uncles of the drivers are also very helpful in getting on the bus with the chair. I feel very free..

24-year-old Ümmügül Çetin said: emez What a great freedom it is to be able to travel without public transportation, especially by public transport, ayan said Ümmügül Çetin.

Nedeniyle I live completely wheelchair-bound because of the muscle disease I'm experiencing. Many disabled people in my situation are forced to live without interfering with social life and leaving the house. One of the most important reasons for this is the transportation problems. For example, if you do not have a vehicle belonging to your family, you cannot go from one place to another except for compulsory circumstances. Because you have to hire a private car. But now we are able to go anywhere easily after public transportation is made available for disabled transportation. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality authorities for giving us our freedom to travel. ”

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:02

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