3. letter from airport workers

Workers working at the 3rd airport in Istanbul, which is under construction, shared the production pressure, overtime enforcement, and unlawful and unlawful practices in the working conditions with a letter to the public. Emphasizing the possibility of Erdogan to visit the construction on October 29, the workers said, “Due to this possibility, overtime and production pressure increased even more. There is almost no Sunday when we do not work. ”


The workers, who stated that they did not know how many people died in the work murders in the airport construction until today, said, "We are living in the period of violation of rights."

In the letter they wrote, the workers said that overtime is not a right left to the choice of the worker, “There is almost no Sunday on the day we do not work. In addition, working tempo, pressure and tension are extremely high, especially in the regions that Tayyip Erdoğan will visit. ”


"3. The letter written under the signature of “Airport Workers” is as follows:

Nowadays 2015 has been in 3. a situation that we encountered frequently at the airport site began to happen again. Although it is unclear what kind of commercial relations between the bosses and long-time lovers of our people and the political power of the nation, we have turned this project into a political instrument for the benefit of power.

The construction sector, as it is known to the inhabitants, is already a work that involves very busy working hours and it contains enough stress and pressure. The reason for the increasing tension in our days is the upcoming Republic Day. This is the Republic Day curiosity of our bosses, which we know that there is no love for the republic, is probably the AKP leader to address our airport this year to escape from the Mausoleum in the Republic Day.

The AKP leader or prime minister, or any minister-authorized person or may visit the site that wishes to come. 30.000 workers and our hands despite all the bad conditions and all the inaccuracies in the selection of the airport, despite the good workmanship success, we are getting one of the country's largest buildings, and of course everyone can see it. If we are going to boast of this airport, we are the workers who have the most rights to do so. Each visit period is a full-time period of chaos in which the plan-control of the entire work is overtaken. We do not know how many people have been killed at this airport construction site until now, but we can say that most of what we know is the visit of such people and the periods of uncontrollably working under pressure.

We're very concerned about having such an event recently. We warn the authorities not to have a workplace murder again due to these pressure conditions.

Work overtime in the workplace if the workers prefer to be completely removed from a right to work at this site to work on behalf of not to do a job has disappeared for workers. There is almost no on Sunday. In addition, especially in regions where the AKP leader will visit, the pace of work, pressure and tension in these regions are at a high level. At the same time thousands of subcontractors work on the site where the company works with penalties and deductions, but it is also through the employer of the subcontractors that we cut the workers to pay the delay or non-payment of salaries, the usurpation of those who tried to usurp the compensation of the dismissals, the overdue of the time we have all these rights violations every day but especially during periods of such intense pressure.

Our respect…

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