Centennial “Varagel” Tourism In Zonguldak Kazanwill be called

In Zonguldak, the rail system, which has been idle for 5 years and has been transporting workers and materials for 150 years from the 130-meter hill to the mine on the coast, kazanWork has begun on the

The residents of the Kandilli town of Ereğli district, the railway system, which has been inactive for 150 years, has been in the tourism sector for more than 130 years, carrying workers and materials from the 5-meter hill to the mine on the coast. kazanstarted work on it.

Bel citizens, which is estimated to be built in xnumx'l year and Turkey Hard Coal Authority (TCC) of varagele the (bidirectional moved to the transport path of the cars on steep slopes) the contribution for many years the country's economy come together to direct the tourism, did cleaning work in the field.

Mayor Mustafa AYDIN ​​stated that the people of the town formed a civil initiative group and said, “Lovers of Kandilli strive to protect the works representing Kandilli. This area is an area that represents Kandilli. " said.

The area in question has been taken under protection by the Natural and Cultural Heritage Preservation Board since 2015 and it is open to tourism. kazanExplaining that a project has been initiated for the

“There were some delays in the bureaucracy. Therefore, the area was neglected when its intervention was delayed. As the municipality, we have made the necessary initiatives. We will continue to introduce this place. We will have our governor visit. We will ensure that the ongoing project related to this place is accelerated. This region is a place that exists with mines. Its survival also depends on mining and tourism. We will continue our efforts to get a share from local tourism. "

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