Zero Fault Target in Maintenance of HRCs

It is of utmost importance that the YHT sets serving the 20 thousand passengers on the Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Konya-Istanbul lines and the DMU, ​​EMU and locomotives serving on the conventional lines are serviced to provide a safe service.

Founded in Sincan Ankara YHT YHT set with the other tools in the Maintenance Center minders TAS company for maintenance services "ECM has achieved a first in Turkey by taking the Eligibility Certificate.

TMS, which applied to ERA (European Railway Agency) in 2016 to ensure the maintenance and maintenance of high-speed trains, to comply with the international standards and to comply with Europe, was awarded the ECM Conformity Certificate as a result of the audits of independent organizations.

In order to maintain the validity of the ECM certificate, the TMS, which is regularly audited by independent agencies every year, has to demonstrate that it has met the specified criteria continuously.

With the support of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), TMS has achieved world standards. TMS aims to achieve zero defect in maintenance services, including maintenance management, fleet management, maintenance development and maintenance.

In our country, high-speed train maintenance is currently carried out by an ECM-certified company, which is particularly important as a factor that directly affects passenger safety.

With the expansion of high-speed and high-speed railway lines, care services become more important and the international standard of this service is seen as an important factor in the quality of passenger and freight transportation in the world.

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