Full Passengers to High Speed ​​Trains

High-speed trains serving 20 thousand passengers every day on Ankara-Eskişehir-İstanbul, Ankara-Konya, İstanbul-Eskişehir-Konya routes receive full marks from passengers.

TCDD Tasimacilik AS recently held face-to-face meetings in order to find out the opinions, demands and suggestions of the passengers on the high speed trains.

Businessmen and Craftsmen Day Travel Together

Yaş What does high-speed train mean to you? .. High-speed trains provide a safe, comfortable and fast travel opportunity, while the common opinion of all passengers stands out, especially businessmen and artisans, long-term business without the need for accommodation expressed satisfaction.

Mothers with children are very pleased that their children can travel bored in the comfortable and spacious environment of high-speed trains.

Young people study at university without leaving their families

Young people are one of the most frequent high-speed trains. University students in Ankara, Eskisehir and Konya, which are among the most important of the university cities, say that they have the opportunity to study in different cities without leaving their families. Stating that there is no need to rent dormitories, apartments or houses, the students are very happy with the “Train Card” option, the availability of YHT hours and the absence of delays in travel.

YHT Entertainment System turns journey into pleasure

High-speed trains, fast, comfortable and safe features with the addition of the fun of passengers, expresses that travel becomes pleasure. Services such as mobile entertainment system, uninterrupted use of the internet and virtual games for children are among the factors that increase the enjoyment of travel. Passengers can enter the HT YHT Entertainment System ile with their own computers or mobile devices and watch blockbuster movies and many different types of domestic and foreign films, documentaries and sports content, and listen to the albums of popular artists from around the world and our country.

YHT Joy of Living in the city of 40 percent of Turkey's population

Stating that high-speed trains change the economic, social and cultural life of cities and revitalize domestic tourism, YHT + DMU, ​​YHT + bus-linked combined transport, many cities are experiencing the happiness of reaching very fast, easy and comfortable. Passengers indicating that they prefer combined transportation on Ankara-Kütahya-Tavşanlı, Ankara-Eskişehir-İzmir, İstanbul-Eskişehir-Denizli, Ankara-Konya-Karaman, İstanbul-Konya-Karaman, Ankara-Eskişehir-Bursa, Ankara-Antalya-Alanya-Isparta axes. is also very pleased with the expansion of high-speed and fast railway lines.

Until now, 34 has served approximately 21 million passengers. Century while building the new face of Turkey, happy people, happy cities are also being built. Because, fast, comfortable, easily reach the hearts of each city is united.



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