Selfie Nightmare On The Wagon

18-year-old Birbey Kurt, who wanted to take a selfie on the wagon at Adapazarı Train Station, was caught in the current and was seriously injured. The injured person was immediately treated.

According to the information obtained, the incident occurred around 20.30 in Adapazarı Train Station. Wandering around the train station, Birbey K. climbed onto his car parked on the station roads to take a selfie. The young man approaching the electric wires on the wagon was caught in the electric current.

Seriously injured Birbey K. Sakarya Training and Research Hospital was removed by the police and medical teams who came to the scene upon the notification of the citizens around. While it was learned that Kurt was not in danger of life, SEDAŞ teams made examinations on the wagon.




    1. wagon There is no danger warning sign on the trolley. There are no people warning the idiot in the queue. There are no security guards or a railroad? Similar events are happening frequently .. the child miraculously survived ..% 95 death happens. students should be educated