First ticket to the third airport in November

THY Chairman of the Board Aycı ım All of our aircraft are full, all in the air. Preparations to move are underway, 3. ticket sales to the airport in November, we expect to start, ına he said.

While working on one of Turkey's third airport project vision, it continues preparations for the airways. Turkish Airlines Chairman Ilker Ayci,, First we will carry operational units, then take the management units. At the first stage, we can have a million dollars worth of 500, but we can sell our building in Yeşilköy and generate additional income. 15 The process has been prolonged due to July but we are planning our first flight at 29 October 2018. We are planning to start our ticket sales in November. Bilet 50 thousand people, they provide employment, reminding that they have 336 aircraft ın Our aircraft are full, all in the air, we need aircraft at the moment. This year we foresee the employment of 1.500 predicted. 'Batman and Superman' and 'Morgan Freeman' campaigns have increased the interest in our company in the world. Now we're working on a more entertaining advertising theme, Şimdi he said.

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