Production in Turkey's Bursa and nativism Shining Star

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's request Northel specially produced by the company 100 percent of Turkey's first domestic wind rose, established in Bursa power plant was installed. Investigating in the field of Wind Power Plant (WPP) in the Aydinpinar district of Mudanya, Mayor Recep Altepe said that after many innovative works with high added value, he focused on the field of renewable energy and prepared Bursa for the future.

President Altepe, the Metropolitan Municipality's request 100 percent produced with local resources and international organizations accredited approved by TSA viewed Turkey's first wind roses. Investigating wind power plants from Turkish engineers and factories, President Altepe said that they attach great importance to renewable energy. On the one hand Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) on the other hand the solar energy plant (GES) on the other hand, indicating that they evaluate the solar rays President Altepe, wind blowing wind with wind power wind power plants said.

President Altepe, the path of being an indigenous renewable energy in Turkey in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality stressed that open. He added that they are the first domestic producers of rail systems and they follow the same strategy in the production of electric vehicles, environmental production and aircraft. He said that the first domestic production of the wind roses was made through the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Turkey Turkey's first wind rose from head to toe by the firm of Northel produced for Bursa Altepe President noted, "The wind rose in the software technology in the wings in casting molds parts all the locals. Casting parts were made by İğrek Machinery in Bursa and power electronics Aselsan. He's also an alternator and his engineering. Northel company was completed with the entire organization and Turkey 100 percent was made by Turkish first wind rose, "he said.

President Altepe stressed that the wind roses produced for Bursa have successfully passed the tests of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and international accreditation organizations. Indicating that they are happy to be a great move for the Turkish industry, President Altepe, ık As in many other areas, the first product in renewable energy was realized from Bursa. I thank the contributors. God willing, this is an example İn he said.

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