Turkey Logistics Master Plan Workshop held in Ankara

Year 2023 our country's goals and 2035 - 2050 will cover the vision target year and transport - which will determine the basic principles and policies for logistics projects in Turkey Logistics Master Plan (TLMP) project preparation work UDHB Railway Regulatory began at the General Directorate of Administration.

The goal of the project; logistics base may be in the region of Turkey, increasing the share of logistics activities in the economic economy by determining the needs of the içinlojis We sectors of services in social and technological Turkey to allow the provision of general and modes of transport to be integrated, newly established logistics villages / centers / bases the determination of site selection criteria available and to improve other logistics activities.

Turkey planned to be completed in seven stages, three workshops to be held during the preparation of the Logistics Master Plan projects are planned. In the first workshop held in Ankara on 25 July 2017, the opinions and suggestions of relevant Ministries and institutions / organizations, non-governmental organizations, academicians and logistics managers who are experts in the field of logistics were taken.



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