TÜDEMSAŞ's New Workers Started to Work

20 employee personnel graduated from Industrial Vocational High School Computerized Machinery Technologies Department, who were recruited at TÜDEMSAŞ through the Employment and Employment Agency, started work as of August 15, 2017.

After completing the in-service trainings of new workers, they will be assigned to Wagon Production, Wagon Repair, Metal Works manufacturing factory and other units.

TÜDEMSAŞ Personnel Department Head Mehmet Şeref and Labor Representative Feyzullah Duman met with the staff and conveyed their wishes. Mayor Mehmet Şeref said, ğin We believe that you will make an important contribution to this institution, which has a very important place in our country in the field of production and repair of freight cars, with your workforce. I wish you a healthy, long-lasting business life with your family and loved ones. Good and auspicious. Hayır



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