Trolleybus trucks are coming

There is a very valid alternative solution for those who say "Electric trucks cannot be realized due to battery capacity" ...

With the electric car revolution at our doorstep, a huge boom in such vehicles is expected from 2020. Major automotive brands either announced their electric vehicle plans or started production. Young companies like Tesla have already begun to dominate the market with Model 3 and similar innovative electric cars. But there is also the heavy vehicles part of the job. The fact that trucks are also electric can lead to major changes in the logistics industry.

In Germany, studies have already begun to provide the high battery power needed by electric freight trucks in a different way. The trolleybus technology we used to see on our streets is now starting to be applied to highways. In this technology, vehicles get the electricity required to run their engines directly from the power lines passing over the road. Electric connecting arms must be installed on top of electric trucks using the system. The maximum speed for regular charging is set at 90 kilometers per hour.

The German firm Siemens was commissioned by the state of Hesse for the test of this project. The system, which is being installed in an area of ​​10 kilometers from the Zeppelinheim / Cargo City Süd junction on the state's highway to the Darmstadt / Weiterstadt junction, is known as the 'eHighway'. The entire cost of the system is covered by the state and federal agencies. Similar trials are being conducted in Sweden and the US state of California. Thanks to this method, it is possible to transport freight without any harmful gas emissions to the environment.

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