Train Slammed To Woman

In the town of Tarsus in Mersin, the 62-aged Azize Colak was severely injured when he was hit by a train. Those moments were reflected in security cameras. The incident occurred at the train station in Yenice Neighborhood.

According to information obtained, Azza Çolak 62, 23 on Wednesday after taking his ticket on the train to ride the train to cross the track on the opposite side tried to pass. Meanwhile, the maneuvering maneuver to change the line hit the old woman. The old woman was hit by her head, her head stained her way between her tracks and she was severely injured. Surrounding citizens reported the situation to health teams. Health teams Colak'ı Tarsus State Hospital was removed. It was learned that the situation was severe in the intensive care unit.

Source : www.milliyet



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