Trabzon Is Too Late In The Light Rail System

The explanations of the rooms related to the traffic problem that has become a chronic problem in Trabzon followed one another. After the President of Trabzon Chamber of Architects Gürol Ustaömeroğlu'nun Trabzon Chamber of Civil Engineers and City Council Chairman Mustafa Yaylalı found striking comments. Yaylalı stated that Trabzon is too late in the Light Rail System and said “For the 3 years, we have not yet seen a serious step towards the Light Rail System. Trabzon 's light rail system needs to solve quickly,' 'he said. Noting that only the municipality should not be destroyed by the Yaylalı, Ministry of Transport, maritime and Communication projects in Erzurum and Erzincan reminded me of the rail system projects. Yaylalı, the South Ring Road in the future between the already in-between the area of ​​Besiktas should be processed in such a way as the highway, he said.

TMMOB Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Trabzon Branch and Trabzon City Council President Mustafa Yaylalı, made a striking statement about the problem of chronic traffic and transportation. Yaylalı, geç We are too late in the Rail System. We said that 3 years ago. We had an opportunity. But we did not take this opportunity. We haven't seen a serious step in the 3 year yet. Trabzon's light rail system needs to solve quickly. You have to solve transportation. Making a road does not mean to solve transportation. I did the road, junction did not say that I have solved the traffic. Sometimes the intersection you put on can be the main cause of traffic. They have now made plans for 1 / 50.000, 1 / 25.000. They need to make the transportation master plan within the framework quickly. It is also necessary to take concrete steps regarding the Light Rail System while preparing the master plan. We should also examine the type of light rail system. Weather rail can be de There are also rail system solutions that fit our cities in the world. All of this needs to be examined. We have to do this. Bunu

The steps for the rail system should not be expected from municipalities, he said. Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications last week within the ministry of rail systems within the city rail transport systems, Erzurum and Erzincan, kent We need to do at least very fast work. Transportation plan of the master plan in the scale of the city plan, however, we need to build the rail system. The Rail System should not wait for the municipality alone. The Ministry of Transport can take it into its own form. He's looking at a law regulation. We can take this step. It was published in the Official Gazette last week. We are ready to do our part from now on as we have until today. Just let us feel that we are expecting support from us in a sincere manner Yeter.

. We need to quickly process the South Ring Road from Of to Besikduzu. If we do this in the future in a way that will be able to return to the motorway, 18. With the Article application, we can reset the cost of expropriation and ensure the rapid completion of the South Ring Road. Mad

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