1500 City Added to Moovit Public Transport Application

mass transport application moovite 1500 city added
mass transport application moovite 1500 city added

The addition of Dayton, Ohio from the US marks an important milestone for Moovit and proves it is the only application you need for transportation worldwide

Today, the world's most popular transportation app, with Moovit announcing the 1500 City, has proved to be the only application you need in a full 77 country for buses, subways, ferries, cable cars, trams, dolmus and other public transport. The company has reached 1,500 in just four years and five months. The total population of these cities is about 1,1 billion, while the number of users of potential public transport is 550 million people.

Dayton, USA, 1.500 city, added to Moovit, Ohio. One of the nine cities added to Moovit in August. The State of Ohio is also home to Moovit's 1.501 city Athens (the original Athens that was added to Moovit in 2014 should not be confused with Greece). Other new cities for Moovit are Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United States. Moovit is adding a new city every 15 every hour. Next up is Gopiapo, Chile. Then, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Volta Redonda, Brazil and Maryborough-Hervey Bay, Australia will come.

Chosen as the best local app on Google at 2016, Moovit distinguishes itself from hundreds of local transport applications managed by bus or rail companies, municipalities or independent organizations that compile and re-offer public transport data. The presence of Moovit everywhere is due to its uniqueness in collecting transportation data. The company has created the world's largest transport data pool, bringing together existing data of public transport, including departure times and live information, with data from more than 70 million (crowdsourced) and the strong local volunteer community of the 180.000. Moovit uses this data in its application to provide everything they need, including the most accurate driving directions and location of public transport stops, for local users to reach the city in the easiest and most convenient way through public transport. But Moovit does not only use this data to facilitate the day-to-day transport of its users, but has also transformed this data into some valuable tools for city planners, municipalities and developers who rewrite and manage future transport rules.

"The world is on the brink of a major transport revolution," says Nir Erez, co-founder and CEO of Moovit. Iyor Urban mobility is at the top of the list as a solution for smart cities to be better equipped and coping with their rapidly growing population. Moovit, with its deep data pool of hundreds of millions of data added each day and its unrivaled analytical tools that clearly represent the demand for transport in cities, makes Moovit a unique attribute in the mobility service (MaaS) to help implement the future of urban mobility. Mo

Crowdsourcing: Moovit's Competitive Advantage

Moovit, 2017 in the year began to serve in total 250 province. More than their 150 was added with the contribution of the taş Mooviter ov community, a local volunteer of 180.000 who only made Moovit's Wikipedia of public transport. Mooviters want to provide better transport information for everyone in cities and districts where local practices are lacking or inadequate.

By using Moovit's proprietary local Editor platform, the Moovists can in map un their transport information; they can add stops, routes, times and other information about the Moovit app. Doing so significantly improves the transportation experience for everyone in the city, and actually makes local heroes who help everyone in their cities.

Examples from some cities ler mapped Mo by the Moovists:

Turkey: May 2017, 90% vision impaired Fatih Aktas, wanted to bring Moovit of Balıkesir. He applied to the municipality to share public transport information. Later, Fatih asked his 20 friend to map the bus routes and add them to Moovit. Moovit Turkey Manager Ryan Yürgün was all the route of the city bus line consisting of 1 60 weeks in the Fatih Mapathon participate in the marathon Moovit added. Fatih and his friends continue to update the city's information, and Fatih wants to join Moovit's accessibility test groups for new features that help people with disabilities.

In recent days, in addition to Moovit Community Ambassadors from Balıkesir Eker, Turkey Cihangir help with 16. Mersin was added to the application as a city.

US: People living in Knoxville, Tennessee had no applications to get directions from 2015 until May. Joseph Linzer, who lives here, mapped all the city's bus stops - 1243 station - in Moovit. While regularly updating his city, Joseph helped bring Moovit to the neighboring city of Clarksville, which was not yet available in any public transport.

Brazil: Joao Pessoa, with a population of about one million, became the first city to be added by the Mooviter Community in 2014. Local community member Vitor Rodrigo Dias mapped 3,249 bus stop in less than two months. Vitor later became one of Moovit's first ambassadors of Moovit and pioneered Brazilian mapping projects.

Thanks to the Mooviter program, there are more cities than 2000 to add during standby, and a new city is added every 15 hour. Moovit CEO Nir Erez said:'s Getting to the 1.500 city in Moovit is just the beginning. Moovit's goal is to improve public transport information, accessibility and transportation experience for everyone in the world who has a smart phone and uses public transport. Mo


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