TCDD General Manager Apaydın Examined High Speed ​​Train Works in Karaman

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınAs part of the Konya-Karaman-Ulukisla High-Speed ​​Railway line, he visited Karaman and met with Mayor Ertugrul Caliskan.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, along with the accompanying delegation came to Karaman by rail. Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan, Vice President Duran Kabaağaç, City Councilor Mustafa Sarı and TCDD officials were welcomed by Apaydın, Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan and Larende under construction. TCDD General Manager Apaydın, high-speed train line to open the service as soon as possible continue to work day by day, in the scope of the project in the railway line to prevent level crossing accidents in the 1 pieces of lower and 4 units overpass will be built, he said. Karaman Municipality in the border work within the boundaries of the work of Karaman Municipality they have seen the great support of TCDD General Manager Apaydın, Karaman Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan thanked.

Karaman Mayor Ertugrul Caliskan underlined that they attach great importance to the construction of the lower and overpass to prevent accidents and accelerate the flow of urban traffic, and he said that they will continue to do what they can as a duty in the Municipality.

In the statement of Mayor Caliskan: büyük We give great importance and support to the project which will connect Karaman with the high speed train to Konya on the north axis, from there to Istanbul and Ankara with the YHTs and to Adana and Mersin on the south axis. This project; In addition to fast passenger transportation, we will also contribute to the economy of Karaman by carrying out fast cargo transportation from our city, which is an industrial center. When the project is completed, the development of our city will be opened. On the other hand, work is underway at the Larende underpass, which is being constructed in cooperation with Karaman Municipality and TCDD. Inshallah will be completed and put into service in September. However, 4 will connect Larende, Sumer and Yenişehir neighborhoods to the city with overpass. I would like to thank Mr. General Manager and his team for their great efforts for the completion of all these projects. Tüm

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