TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınEid al-Adha Message

isa apaydin
isa apaydin

We are experiencing the joy and happiness of having another Feast of Sacrifice where the feelings of friendship, brotherhood and sharing have reached their peak.

Since 2003 has been accepted as a priority transportation sector since the year, the amount of investments made to our railways so far has exceeded 60 billion pounds.

We have started the mobilization of knitting with iron nets again, especially in high speed and fast railways.

Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Konya-Istanbul between 33 appeal to xnumx'n percent of Turkey's population km long on high-speed rail 1.213 million, Asia and Europe are proud to have unforgettable travel our Marmaray'l also 34 million passengers combining under the sea we are living.

High speed trains, Marmaray and other trains that we have made comfortable will continue to bring our passengers to their loved ones in this holiday.

To expand the high-speed rail network we operate between Ankara-Izmir and Ankara-Sivas; From Bursa to Bilecik, from Konya to Karaman-Adana-Mersin-Osmaniye and Gaziantep, we continue our efforts to build a fast railway day and night.

With these feelings, I celebrate the Sacrifice Feast of our passengers and our colleagues who have been writing epics in the last 14 years, and I hope that the feast will bring good luck to the Islamic world and to all mankind.

TCDD General Manager and Chairman



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