TCDD Burns Green Light to Denizli

TCDD Transportation Inc. Veysi KURT, Chairman of Board of Directors and General Manager, visited Denizli Chamber of Industry. Kurt, who is in the region for field surveys, met with the Chairman of the Board of Denizli Chamber of Industry Müjdat Keçeci.

Keçeci visit to discuss the transport potential in Denizli Denizli in Turkey 8. despite the fact that it is an exporting province, it has serious problems in the sense of logistics. Keçeci said, oldukça Denizli is a city with very high export potential but the problems we have experienced in logistics considerably weaken our competitiveness in the international arena. The fact that we don't have a direct connection to the port pushes us into road transport, which leads to negative situations both in terms of costs and the environment. . It is very sad for me as an industrialist that we still use the most primitive means of transportation when the developed countries carry their cargo either by sea or by iron. Gelişmiş

Noting that even the new roads in Denizli have been damaged in a short time due to road transportation, Keçeci said, ü The fact that the railway is not available creates cost in every aspect of our state. When the short-term investment and maintenance and repair costs of the highways are added to the costs incurred in order to eliminate the environmental pollution created, it is seen that this issue creates a serious burden on public finance. Yar

Veysi Kurt who expressed his satisfaction with sharing information, examined the file given to him by Keçeci TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. As they started their work for the loading station in Bozburun region, they gave positive signals. Expressing that they are working on the connection to the port, Kurt predicted that the connection to the port will cause a significant increase in the load capacity, and that after the solution of several bureaucratic problems, the work on the connection will be accelerated. Pavilions Organized Industrial Zone on the Keçeciler the information field Kurt investments of entering into the industrial zone of railway transportation lived many beautiful example of the positive effects brought so organized industrial zones that they make a direct port to connect the primary targets. Keçeci said, çözüm After a long time my hopes for the solution of the railway transportation problems of our sea have bloomed. Genel




  1. If I read the commentary of the port of Çelebi Bandırma, this navy would grieve.