İzdeniz Strike and Tram Works Stop Izmir Traffic

Due to the İZDENİZ strike in İzmir, the traffic, which is on the top of the hill, has made a roof with the start of tram works in Alsancak. B When will this ordeal end, ite he said.

The works carried out due to the tramway project of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality started in front of Alsancak Gar. With the traffic to the front of the station partially closed, the traffic in Izmir returned to the Arabian hair due to the strike in Izmit. Due to the production of the line reaching to the region where Alsancak Station is located, it is located at Atatürk Street, TCDD 3. On the right side of the road up to the Regional Directorate building, two lanes were closed to the vehicle traffic and the traffic flow was arranged to be only going to the Halkapınar direction from the single lane. To go from Konak to Konak you can go to 1. He was directed to Kordon. The vehicles that will travel from Sait Altınordu Square to Halkapınar 1. Kordon and Konak cannot turn back. The intersection of 1462 street with Atatürk Street was closed to vehicle traffic. The vehicles were given the opportunity to return to Talatpaşa Boulevard from Şair Eşraf Boulevard. The part of Ziya Gökalp Boulevard between Atatürk Caddesi and Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard was organized one way towards Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard. The route of Konak Kahramanlar taxi minibuses ends in the discovery of Ziya Gökalp Boulevard with Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard and cannot find a return from this point. On the first day of the week, Talatpaşa and Şair Eşrefpaşa Boulevard, one of the busiest streets of the city, had long vehicle queues. Car drivers from the front of the Sevinc Pastanesi Alsancak Station up to the 800 meters in half an hour could go. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun because of the stubborn 21 for days due to the continuation of the ferry service can not be made ferries. For this reason, citizens who had to travel in the form of fish, bus and subway in İZBAN, are rebelling against this situation and President Kocaoğlu does not take any steps to finish the strike.

Halil Aka, who is retired from SGL, who is retired from the SGK who said he was reacted due to traffic congestion in Alsancak, said: kili Alsancak traffic has already been paralyzed in recent days. Now we have this tram construction. The traffic has now become inextricable. Once the tram is completed, there will be no use for Alsancak. It'il hurt more. We started to see the damage before the end of it. Daha 56 taxi driver Ramazan Çabalı said: ş Driving in Alsancak has become a torture. Traffic is getting worse every day. Underpasses for the vehicles at the Alsancak Gar junction. There is also a tram to the traffic density. We'il see what happens when the tram starts working. Customers who took a taxi began to revolt, Tak he said. Yasin Evsen, 60, said: ındaki I use public transportation frequently. Traveling in Alsancak became a torture. May God give patience to those who drive in this traffic. 23 kilometers can not go in half an hour, yarım he said. Izmir's traffic was also reflected in social media. The newly wed couple sending a message to Büyükşehir, behind the wedding vehicles, araç Let our love be like the traffic of Izmir. Never let it go Hiç. Another person from Izmir said, olan May Allah give patience to those in the traffic. Izmir's over. İzmir has criticized the Metropolitan with the letter. Canceled İzmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's 21 does not compromise the workers' strike for the day. Daily income of 210 thousand pounds, the damage of the company IZDENIZ has reached 4.2 million pounds. The World Bank, 117 million euros, the loan was withdrawn and the ships were abandoned.

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