İzdeniz Strike and Tram Works Stop Izmir Traffic

Due to the İZDENİZ strike in İzmir, the traffic, which is on the top of the hill, has made a roof with the start of tram works in Alsancak. B When will this ordeal end, ite he said.

Work on the tram line project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started in front of Alsancak Station. With the front of the station partially closed to traffic, the traffic of İzmir, which has already turned to arabic hair due to the strike in İZDENİZ, has become even worse. Due to the line productions that reached the area where Alsancak Station is located, from Vahap Özaltay Square to the TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate building of Atatürk Street, two lanes were closed to vehicle traffic on the right side of the road, the traffic flow was arranged in a single lane to the direction of Halkapınar. The vehicles going to Konak direction from Liman Street were directed to the 1st Kordon. Vehicles that will go from Sait Altınordu Square to Halkapınar cannot turn to the 1. Kordon and Konak direction. The intersection of 1462 street with Atatürk Street was closed to vehicle traffic. The vehicles were enabled to return from Şair Eşraf Boulevard to Talatpaşa Boulevard. The part of Ziya Gökalp Boulevard between Atatürk Street and Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard was arranged in one direction towards Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard. The routes of Konak Kahramanlar taxi minibuses end at the confluence of Ziya Gökalp Boulevard with Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard and cannot find a return from this point. On the first day of the week, long vehicle queues were formed at Talatpaşa, one of the busiest streets of the city, and Şair Eşrefpaşa Boulevard. The drivers were able to travel the 800-meter distance from Sevinç Patisserie to Alsancak Station in half an hour. Due to the stubbornness of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, ferry trips cannot be made due to the İZDENİZ strike that has been going on for 21 days. For this reason, citizens who had to travel in the form of a fish hoard in the bus, subway and İZBAN rebelled against this situation, and the fact that President Kocaoğlu did not take any steps to end the strike draws the reaction of the citizens.

Saying that he was reactive due to the traffic congestion in Alsancak, SSI retired Halil Aka, 56, said, “Alsancak traffic has already been paralyzed recently. Now this tram construction has happened to us. Traffic is now inextricable. After the tram is completed, it will not be of any use to Alsancak. It will do more harm. "We started to suffer before it ended," he said. 60-year-old taxi driver Ramazan Çabalı said, “Driving in Alsancak has become torture. Traffic is getting worse with each passing day. An underpass must be built for vehicles to Alsancak Station intersection. There is also a tram for that much traffic. We will see what happens when the tram starts running. "Our customers who took the taxi started to riot." 23-year-old Yasin Evsen said, “I frequently use public transportation. Traveling in Alsancak has become torture. May Allah give patience to those who drive in this traffic. You cannot go the 1-kilometer road in half an hour, ”he said. Izmir's traffic was also reflected in social media. The newly married couple, who sent a message to Büyükşehir, said, “May our love be like İzmir's traffic. Never end ”wrote. Another from Izmir said, “May Allah give patience to those who are in traffic. Izmir is finished. He criticized Büyükşehir with his article “Izmir is canceled”.

While the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's refusal to compromise with the workers regarding the strike, which has been going on for 21 days, increases the transportation difficulties in the city, the cost of the damage is increasing. With a daily income of 210 thousand lira, the loss of the company İZDENİZ reached 4.2 million lira. The ships purchased with a loan of 117 million euros from the World Bank were left to rot.

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