Special Additional Schedules for Izmir International Fair

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made a number of arrangements that will facilitate public transportation to Alsancak and Kültürpark during the 86th Izmir International Fair. In addition to buses, subways, trams and suburbs, there are also trips in sea transportation.

Organizations providing public transportation services in Izmir are ready for the 18th Izmir International Fair, which will be held between 27-86 August. Accordingly, ESHOT Headquarters put additional flights to the lines departing from Konak Bahribaba stops and transfer centers connected to İZBAN and Metro. In some lines, the voyage time was extended until 02.00 in connection with the rail system. In addition, Balçova, Buca, Bornova, which are connected to Konak Bahribaba, Karşıyaka and Owl expeditions to Gaziemir will continue to operate until 06.00.

Motorized teams will take charge for coordination at important points around the Fair such as Çankaya, Montreux, Lausanne and Basmane. For detailed information about the schedule http://www.eshot.gov.tr available at.

Work overtime in rail system

İZBAN, Metro and Karşıyaka In the tram, working hours have been extended. Izmir Metro pulled the last flight time from 24.00 to 01.20 at night. Frequency in the subway was also increased. Karşıyaka The tram will serve until 01.00.
During the fair, where the passenger density will continue until late hours, İZBAN also extends the service period with additional services. There will be additional flights from Hilal, Alsancak and Halkapınar stations in both directions from 00.44 to 01.56.
İZDENİZ will serve until 18 at night with additional services on August 19, 25,26 and August 01.00.

Alsancak traffic relieved

Considering the traffic density that will occur during the fair period, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the line productions in the region where Alsancak Station is located, 4 days before the planned time with day and night work. After laying the rails between Altinordu Square and Vahap Özaltay Square, asphalting works were completed quickly and the traffic flow was restored to normal.

50 Discount

In the meantime, during the Feast of the Sacrifice of Izmir Metropolitan City Council, in order to facilitate the visit of the people of Izmir; 50 discounted tariffs for public transport in the municipality, as well as public transportation vehicles allocated for cemetery visits, free of charge.

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