No Difficulty in Urban Transportation in Sivas

Sivas Municipality, due to the Feast of Sacrifice in order to provide easier access to the animal market made arrangements for bus services.

26.08.2017 will be operating in the morning from 06.45 to 19.00 on the Saturday.

28.08.2017 As of Monday, 15 buses will depart from the main station every minute, and will go from the normal route to the sacrificial market. In case of densities, additional flights will be organized and the citizens will be provided with convenient transportation.

A number of measures were taken not only for the animal market but also for the citizens not to have any problems in the city transportation during the festival. On the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice, bus services will continue in 09.00 in the morning and 08.00 will continue in the second, third and fourth days until 23.30.

The toll road side car parks in the city will also be free during this holiday as it is every holiday.



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