Protect Tüdemsaş from Sivas!

One of the issues that has occupied Sivası's agenda for a long time is the desire to change the location of the High Speed ​​Train Station.

Everyone knows that the issue is directly related to TÜDEMSAŞ.

The aim is to take the YHT Station to the University and to remove TÜDEMSAŞ, which has an area of ​​410 thousand square meters, under the name of transportation and put it on its land.

YHT stations are carried out all over the world by taking passenger transportation from the center and leaving it to the center. This situation is reversed in Sivas.

Personal rent cannot prevent public service. All institutions in our country should be designed to serve their citizens.

We regret to see that our institutions in Sivas are either moving to other provinces or shutting them down, preparing the ground for Sivas to emigrate.

We see that some people are making declarations that Sivas will be Metropolitan and when it comes to action, they do the opposite. I could not understand what a terrible contradiction. Please do not force the patience of the people of Sivas, please do not make fun of the people of Sivas.

TÜDEMSAŞ's location does not constitute an obstacle in the development of the city in any way, considering the housing need and structural situation of Sivas.

Moreover, it is located in a position where thousands of people, who have no transportation problems and who will work in the factory, can reach their jobs without suffering from transportation problems.

Those who try to change the high speed train route for their own personal interests should take their eyes on this land.
If the people of Sivas to be moved to another place, this factory is completely destroyed.

We believe that the main aim is not to carry the organization, but to make TÜDEMSAŞ's four hundred and ten thousand square meters area and lodging a rent.

In our opinion, something needs to change urgently in Sivas, one of them is the change of minds of the managers of NGOs.

Well, we know very well why these people insist on moving TÜDEMSAŞ to another location, the people of Sivas and TÜDEMSAŞ employees know very well.

Unemployment and poverty in Sivas, Turkey Considering that on average the importance of TÜDEMSAŞ should once again be considered.

Even the children know that the main purpose is not to make TÜDEMSAŞ more efficient and become a more technological facility.

This idea is a dangerous idea, it is an idea that will make Sivas a village.

Sivaslı Tüdemsaşa.

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