Flood and Sapanca High Speed ​​Train Route

Sakarya Representative of the Chamber of City Planners, Oya Arapoğlu, drew attention to the overflows that occurred after the heavy rain last week. Arapoğlu said, “This has once again demonstrated to us that public investments should be made correctly and appropriately”.

Arapoglu defended that the high-speed train route, which is still in the project phase, should be examined once again, the following statements were made in a press release:

Water overflows caused by the extreme rain that we experienced in the last week showed us once again that public investments should be made correctly and in place. The High Speed ​​Railway Route Sapanca, which is still in the project stage, needs to be examined once again.

Besides Sapanca Lake being an important source of drinking water, there are many aboveground and underground water sources feeding the Lake. In addition, the groundwater level is 1.5-2m and is very close to the ground.Therefore, the basement height is left in every building built. Since the High Speed ​​Train will run from the ground level in Sapanca, it intersects with natural elements such as Keçi Creek and Sarp Creek and it cuts many important roads including TEM highway.

Since both sides of the high-speed railway will be closed with protective elements, the gendarmerie starts from the underpass and reaches the Kuruçeşme location for 3km. A line will be formed along the limiting and separating the region. 5m at 400 different points in order to ensure the continuity of the important roads it crosses. long and 10m. This will cause visual and aesthetic pollution in Sapanca.

In addition to the damages that the High Speed ​​Train route will cause to Sapanca, it is obvious that the "High Speed ​​Train Road" will suffer from itself in a possible earthquake or flood in the future due to the wrong location of the line and the wrong route.
Namely; The project which has the elevation information of the High Speed ​​Project, which will go from the ground level, could not be reached in any institution including Sapanca Municipality. Fast Train Road Goat Creek 2x3m. After passing over by covering with concrete pipes, TEM highway passes under the ground level below the highway and from here Sarp Creek bed enters the tunnel.

However, most of the creek overflows that occur in the heavy rainfall we live in this way on the creeks, bridges, overpasses, such as art elements are not made at a sufficient height, due to the displacement or closure of the river beds.

Technically, at least 1m. High Speed ​​Road 300m which should go from height. how will it pass under the TEM motorway ahead? 10m for high-speed rail road passing under TEM highway. height is necessary.In this case the first option 1m from Goat Creek. If the route going from the same elevation will go from the same elevation, the TEM highway will have to be elevated. At least 1.5-2m. minus how the High Speed ​​Train Route will pass through this area.

The flooding of the metro and railway lines in Istanbul last week will be the fate of the High Speed ​​Train Road in a possible heavy rain. As a result of the overflow of the Sarp stream, which was rehabilitated by DSI, and the concreting of the mountains, the accumulation of surface waters in this area has become a Water Collection Area.
If the High Speed ​​Rail Road goes below the ground level, the sewage line used by a significant part of Sapanca is 2-3m. If the sewer lines are taken under the high-speed railway, the lake level will not save and other problems will occur.

Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Prof.Dr. Veysel EROĞLU'nun due to heavy rainfall in a press conference ”Before the Bridge and Culvert Compliance Opinion should be taken from DSI, the relevant local administrations, such as bridges and culverts before the construction of artifacts should be taken from the DSI. Dr. Eroğlu said: yapı The settlements should not be narrowed by the construction and the river sections should not be narrowed. structures should not be made so that the capacity of the stream should not be reduced by such operations. ”This is exactly the point we want to make clear.

The purpose of the high-speed rail road, which is to overcome the travel between Istanbul and Ankara as soon as possible, is the underground and aboveground natural features of Sapanca, floods, earthquakes, etc. Considering the disaster situations, it is necessary to reconsider the route determination with a participatory policy in coordination and consultation with the relevant institutions.

As in the 3 motorway and Karasu railway route we witnessed in public investments, it is necessary to reevaluate the High Speed ​​Train route under scientific and technical data in order to avoid any irreversible results in the future and to use the public benefit principle correctly and in place after expropriation process. .


In the photos where the high-speed train route is the result of precipitation in 2015. It is a route open to harm all kinds of disaster and Sapanca in the future.



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