Samsun's Icon Places Wagon Cafe Become History

Vagon Cafe, one of the landmark places in Samsun's history, was removed in line with the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality.

It was decided to remove the historical Wagon Café located opposite the Samsun Station. After the workers served as a steam train for many years at TCDD, they started dismantling on the train, which was converted into a cafe. Jobs first removed the items that could be used in the wagon, then tried to separate the wagons with the oxygen supply.

Vagon Cafe, which has an important place in the history of Samsun, was used as a cafe until 5 years ago. Later, in line with the decision taken by the Metropolitan Municipality, the cafe was allocated to SAMULAŞ employees. Afterwards, it was decided to remove the cafe from its location. The memories of the wagon cafe disappeared with the removal of the facility.

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