Trams in Samsun are controlled by national software

SAMULAŞ Inc. General Manager Kadir Gürkan, the city's most important transportation company, SAMULAŞ'ın 1 told the day of our magazine. Kadir Gürkan, who recorded the light rail system with their own national software, also made important statements about the Operation Centers

SAMULAŞ A.Ş., which operates under Samsun Metropolitan Municipality General Manager Kadir Gürkan, made special statements to our magazine. Kadir Gürkan said, ına SAMULAŞ A.Ş. continues to serve the people of Samsun on the track allocated by the Metropolitan Municipality in the urban public transportation point. In Samsun, the number of people carrying 600 on a weekday was reached. We expect this figure to be above the 70 bin with the new Ring Feed Lines. In addition, 12.000 ring and bus transport on a daily basis, 1.500 pieces of automobile parking and the cable car by the day we serve approximately 1.300 passenger transport, N he said.

06: 30: 24: 00: XNUMX
In the morning 6: 30'da service began to work night time 24: 00'e continued until the General Director Gürkan SAMULAŞ, N Night time 24: 00 when there is a serious hustle and bustle begins. Light Rail Trains are taken to our Maintenance Center. The daily periodical maintenance of our trains, external and internal cleaning and also the failures that occur are eliminated. After all, 06: 30, the trains are ready to be serviced again to serve in the morning Tüm.

General Manager Kadir Gürkan, explaining that they manage the train tracking systems with the national software developed by them, ini Our follow-up program we use during the operation belongs to us. Used in making innovation first used in Turkey are able to follow this system works in real time all our trains. Ondokuz Mayıs University and Samsun Technopark with a company operating in partnership with the national software has strengthened our control center. We have provided a fiction that we can imagine with our Train Tracking System that we made at a lower cost than its peers. In addition, by producing important data with this national system, we have created a basis for decision-makers' decision making in different media and with different dispensers. Ayrıca

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