Public transportation revolution in Kayseri

As in every field, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which makes the first in transportation, signed a reform.

continue to innovate on innovation in our town and district of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, an application performs more successfully unparalleled in Turkey. All the means of public transportation in districts were renewed with the works of Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Mustafa Çelik, who delivered a speech at the ceremony for the commissioning of the 164 vehicle, said that with the project implemented, the citizens will now be given a much more comfortable and safe transportation service.

The public transport fleet of 164 vehicles, which were purchased to make public transportation in the districts, was put into service with a ceremony held in Cumhuriyet Square. The ceremony was attended by Governor Süleyman Kamçı, Mayor Mustafa Çelik, district governors, district mayors, bureaucrats and citizens. Respecting the national anthem and making a speech at the ceremony started with the reading of the National Anthem. General Manager Feyzullah Gundogdu said that they have completed a revolutionary transformation in the public transport of Kayseri. Gündoğdu stated that Kayseri will continue to be a model and model as it is in every field and that the transformation works started in 2016 and 11 started the transformation with 264 tradesmen in different districts.

Speaking on behalf of the operators, the Sarız Operator Ali Dal said that there was a big day for Kayseri and said: bir It was a work that suits all of us and fits our passengers. We had a car in hand. I would like to thank everyone, especially the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality who contributed to this transformation. Bu


Mayor Mustafa Celik also said in his speech at the ceremony that the year of the most important goals in the 2017 announcing the public transportation, while expanding and expanding the quality and quality of the increase, he said. In this regard, the President stressed that they conclude Steel more like a non-operating in Turkey, "Our city can not be compared with cities in its scale in the field of transport and public transport up to good condition. We do the reforms in public transportation as in every other subject, others come after us. Light rail works in the main spine of our city. The rail system is a reform for our city. Public transportation is provided by public buses outside the rail system. We are the first city that manages to take off the vans. This is also the first and reforms to public transportation in Turkey as of that date. We've integrated rail system is also a first bike sharing system and reforms in Turkey. And the continuation of the reforms to sustain quality and comfort in public transport is also an obligation. Because the more you bring public transport and transportation, the better we know it is beyond good. The more we increase the quality of service in public transport, the more we can expand the public transport network, the more we will improve the quality of life and comfort of our city. In this direction, Kayseri plays a pioneering role in every field, and I would like to say that we carried out very important works in transportation and public transportation. That is the year of the 2017 that we will implement them, so we declared the Year of Transportation in Kayseri ata.


In order to facilitate transportation and public transportation, President Çelik also mentioned the projects to be carried out this year, and he said that in addition to all these projects, they are working to make public transportation in our districts more serial, quality, comfortable and safe. Expressing that the public transportation in our districts was carried out by 262 vehicle prior to this study, Mayor Mustafa Çelik said, inde The average age of these vehicles was 11 year. Transport vehicles were different from each other. Some vehicles 14 personality, some vehicles 19 personality. A number of vehicles to carry more passengers had made the registration of the license. This was unfair competition. And most importantly, the 262 units, which serve the districts, were more than needed. There were fewer vehicles and better quality of transportation. According to the number of passengers, the number of vehicles was too high, the owners complained about the inability to earn money and demanded constant wage increase or support. In summary, because of the old and more than the need of operators, the operators also complained, the passengers. Transportation Co. for the solution of the issue. and our bureaucrats did a very detailed study. We had a long conversation with the car owners and finally reached a conclusion that would satisfy both the operators and our citizens and us. The number of vehicles with 262 reduced to 164 with conversion and re-planning. Some operators took a car as a partner. Operators merged under the roof of the cooperative. Thus, as the number of vehicles decreased, the profitability of the increasing operators increased. All vehicles have become standard with 2017 model, 19 + 1 number of seats. Service quality, passenger comfort and passenger safety have also increased with the renovation and standardization of vehicles. After that, our citizens in our districts will travel with zero vehicles. Drivers will wear uniform clothes and service with approved name badges. Vehicles with camera registration and vehicle tracking system will be monitored remotely from the fleet management center. This will allow autocontrol. This tool will also include a panic button with the first application in Turkey. Passengers and drivers can make emergency notification to the fleet management center with panic button in case of emergency. The vehicles will also be switched to electronic payment system. Our citizens will be able to travel to the districts by using a single electronic card and also to the buses and rail system in the city with the same card. The same card will also benefit from cycling. After that, the 11 district center and the 393 neighborhood of these districts will be transported to the same standard, with the same safety and comfort in the same comfort as the 2017 model vehicles. Artık

Attending the ceremony, the Governor Suleyman Whips also stated that the quality of life of our citizens has increased with the services of our local governments and the central government in our city, which is an example with its urbanization and infrastructure. Hope that the public transport fleet of 164 vehicles and our citizens to be beneficial to the Governor Kamir, wished to provide services without accident.

After the speeches were taken by Ford Otosan 164 vehicle Mayor Mustafa Celik and operators were presented with a plaque. After the issuance of the plaques, 164 city tour was carried out with convoy.

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