The rail system will stimulate retail in BUTTIM

Bursa International Textile and Trade Center (BUTTİM) Board Chairman Ali Tiryaki and board members visited Bursa AK Party Provincial Chairman Cemalettin Torun in the provincial building.

Giving information about BUTTİM during the visit, Ali Tiryaki, Chairman of the Board of BUTTİM, stated that they have a 90 percent occupancy rate and stated that they mainly have workplaces on home textiles. Tiryaki stated that besides wholesale stores and showrooms, there are also stores in the retail area. Stating that they started working as of the day they took office in order to revitalize BUTTIM and accelerate retail trade, Tiryaki said, “We also receive support from Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Procurement committees started to come to BUTTIM. Our goal is to become more professional in time, we will carry BUTTIM further with our new projects. "The fact that the dynamics of the city like you are next to BUTTİM will make BUTTİM strong"


Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, AK Party Provincial Chairman Cemalettin Torun stated that BUTTIM is also an important center for the city. Provincial President Cemalettin Torun said, “We believe that BUTTIM will provide the value it deserves until today with the new management. We will try to help you, whatever duty we have in this regard. A new planning has already been made on the Istanbul Road, there will be a serious change on the road. The arrival of the courthouse will also make a different contribution. The rail system will be completed in 2018, and the distance between Kent Square and Demirtaş OIZ will be 25 minutes, and this rail system will stimulate the retail in BUTTİM ”

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